Cover and let sit... Day … Still not as good as my grandfather’s pickles, but I’ll work on it! (In my mind, I always believed that the vinegar provided an unfriendly environment for bacteria.) Let sit for 3 days. Ladle pickling liquid into jars, leaving ½” of headspace. Sounds strange, but it works! Seal jars to be airtight. If not, I would process in a canner for 10 minutes or store any unsealed in the fridge. Where is the garlic?? I sliced them into ½” to ¾” slices and took a donut hole punch and punched out the middle. Hi. Hi Carrie, If it’s close, I would add a little water to cover. You do a little something to these cucumber pickles every day for 7 days, then process and can them on Day 8. Love Spain! I’m delighted they were a success and I love the name! This has happened to me, too, and it’s a bit of an unwanted surprise when you cut into them. There is some sodium from the brine, but if you need to watch your sodium intake, … Hi Carol, these are hot packed into jars then stored in the refrigerator. My slices are white in middle and transparent on edges. The alum is what helps make these pickles keep their crispness. I adore sweet pickles. (The latter is much more difficult.) Once the sugar is added, you toss the cucumbers with the sugar and let it set a couple of hours then pack the pickles in jars, cover with syrup and if needed a little more vinegar (to top off). Process the jars for 10 minutes or store in the refrigerator. Pour over cucumbers. Am I right in assuming to seal these I water bath them for 15 min? The Fountain Avenue Kitchen She is an experienced, self-taught home cook who loves to share recipes with others. In the years that I made these pickles before my mother-in-law passed, she had indicated that if your cucumbers resulted in bubbling or foaming any time within 24 hours after pouring boiling water over them, you should not continue with that batch of pickles – that that meant something was wrong with your cucumbers. Bring to a boil; remove from heat and cool completely. Although the name implies a long, arduous process, the steps are quite simple and require just a few minutes most days. Just put vinegar in last night Whem you sY hot pack, you simply mean heat the jars? For people who may not be comfortable with this, I am sure the pickles will be every bit as good if refrigerated throughout the process. When slicing the cucumbers into coins, make sure to cut off and discard approximately 1/8-inch of the blossom end. The last day is when the actual canning takes place although, to eliminate that step, the pickles can simply be packed in jars and stored in the refrigerator. Refrigerate pickles at least overnight or up to 3-4 days for the best results. In a small saucepot heat the vinegar, water, garlic, and all spices until the mixture comes to a simmer and the salt and sugar dissolve. Required fields are marked *, I can’t wait to try this recipe! 1. I took the advice you gave me via email and seeded my regular slicing cucumbers. How do I seal the jars for these pickles. (Placing a dinner plate on top will help keep the cucumbers fully submerged.) Fountain Avenue Kitchen is a collection of quick, easy and healthy recipes aimed to fit crazy, hectic lifestyles. I lived there for a short time years ago: ) Sea salt would be a perfect substitute for kosher salt. Remove cheesecloth with pickling spices and discard. […] Nanny’s 7-Day Sweet Pickles by Grumpy’s Honeybunch […]. The most “cooking” you will do is boiling the water and vinegar! In a large pot (still on the fifth day), combine the vinegar, sugar, salt, and the wrapped spices. Bring the cider vinegar to a boil. Thanks! Thank you SO much! Pack pickles into hot sterilized jars. They even keep their crunch. Bring cider vinegar to a boil. Has this ever happened to you – what is your opinion? All rights reserved. Hi Margaret, Everything seems to be fine from this end. Do you refrigerate these at all prior to them being placed in their jars for storage? Thank you. My mother-in-law processed many foods in her lifetime and I have always followed her instructions. Great news, Ingrid. 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