In "Mato" Liz gets a clue from her past when she saw her mother, Katarina, putting a few toys and a ribbon bracelet in a coffee can used as a time machine. What value could Elodie Radcliffe bring to The Blacklist season 7? Read EW's recap of 'The Kazanjian Brothers.' In "Esteban" Liz doesn't believe Kirk and demands to know what he's planning to do with her, Tom and Agnes. She asked Kaplan to leave Liz in the care of the man who would become her foster father, Sam. Using himself as bait, he is able to keep Janet occupied long enough for Ressler to arrest her. James Spader. The murder of his father and Ressler's revenge killing inspired him to follow in his father's footsteps and join law enforcement, having previously been going down a troubled teen going down a bad path while his brother Robby was heading to the police academy. She cleans up after Liz kills one of the men watching her from across the street, and then helps Liz find Reddington.Ep. 10) have been the subject of multi-episode story arcs, suggesting that lower numbers are more significant figures in the show's mythology. Susan "Scottie" Hargrave (Blacklister No. She agrees, setting a trap for him. In the first season, she poses as Red's widow to steal documents belonging to him worth 10 million dollars from a bank in Istanbul to gain his attention regarding the proposed theft of the Effigy of Atargatis (leaving the first note). A group of men takes Red away in a car and she leaves carrying only his hat. He is killed by Ressler in a shootout. When Elizabeth nearly gets subpoenaed for the harbor master's murder, Reddington and Ressler attempt to extradite Tom from Germany so he can clear her name; Tom initially refuses, but then appears in court and willfully surrenders. Although he reluctantly does, Cooper is determined to help Liz clear her name and investigates Karakurt. Tom goes to Nik to ask for help identifying the remains inside the suitcase in "Greyson Blaise". Ian soon learns about her connection to Red from Jennifer. In "Sutton Ross", Liz visits Tom's gravesite and she tells Tom's ghost that she now knows that her father, Raymond Reddington, is dead and that the man is an imposter. Harold Cooper is the Assistant Director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division and head of the covert FBI task force assigned to pursue the criminals on the Blacklist. In "Mr. Kaplan Conclusion", before her suicide Kaplan prayed for Katarina to forgive her as she dug up the suitcase and left it in a storage locker. In "The Osterman Umbrella Company", Samar overpowers the first assassin sent by the Mossad to exterminate her. While searching Judge Sonia Fisher's apartment, Ressler asks Samar to search the bedroom. However, Reddington died of his injuries and the two covered up his death, leading to Reddington being declared missing. Liz is injured during the chase, forcing Reddington's doctor to perform an emergency C-section to save her baby. With Liz's help, Ressler takes down the mobsters after his brother and they reconcile but are not arrested as Liz manages to make the body disappear. After Liz discovers "Madeleine" is an imposter and confronts her at gunpoint, Katarina admits she is Liz's mother. Ressler lost his badge upon being under the influence of propofol and nearly killed Hitchin had Liz and Samar not stopped him. The Blacklist is a list of criminals that Raymond Reddington has compiled in his illegal business dealings. He was hired by the Director to get the Fulcrum, and captured and interrogated Liz to find it, subjecting her to therapy to help recover blocked memories from her past that related to the Fulcrum. Katarina's apparent suicide was to fake her death, but her survival was exposed to Anton Velov when Katarina intervened to stop a rape at a shelter she was living at. 16) was a mercenary who specialized in raiding secret and well defended prison facilities and extracting high-level prisoners, always using extreme levels of violence. In "Orion Relocation Services," he is revealed to not in fact be Ilya Koslov while Reddington's friend Frank Bloom is in fact the real Ilya. Watched this series with high expectations but ended up disappointed. Anslo Garrick (Blacklister No. After she found out he was an agent hired by Berlin to keep her under surveillance, she had the marriage annulled. Gerard helps them plan on how to kidnap Peter Kotsiopulos. When he was 3 years old, Christopher Hargrave was kidnapped from his parents Susan and Howard Hargrave. In "Lipet's Seafood Company", Red is able to secure a Presidential pardon for Liz's killing of Connolly, allowing Cooper to reinstate her as an FBI agent. This makes Red worried when Kaplan reveals that they can be used to not only attack his syndicate, but also destroy him from within. After being captured, she was allowed a plea bargain since the bomb had not devastated the port. As she leaves, Aram realizes the extent of what could happen to Keen if the Cabal get their hands on her and has to decide where his loyalties lie. Working for whoever could afford his services, he used his expert knowledge of chemicals to dissolve corpses until there was almost nothing left. Reddington's trusted and loyal bodyguard, driver, factotum, and confidante, Dembe Zuma (Blacklister No. According to Ressler, Samar went a long time without oxygen and all the doctors know for sure is that she cannot currently breathe on her own and may never be able to again. At some point, he was being held by the Eberhardt Cartel. Tom's final words are that Liz will be the one to make it and he dies in the hospital. Timothy hung himself a year later. Pete disappears after Nik is interrogated and killed. Believing Red had sent false transcripts of the DNA test, she calls him to confront him only to discover that Kirk had lied to her the whole time and the DNA transcript that Tom gave her was falsified. Anna McMahon (Blacklister No. Rating: Not Yet Rated Sinopsis Blacklist. In "Dembe Zuma" Red finds out that Dembe left his side to find the traitor in his syndicate. In February 2015, The Blacklist was renewed for a third season,[1] with Hisham Tawfiq promoted to main cast.[2]. Despite his warning not to get close to Kirk, Liz mentioned that she needs to help him as he may provide the answers to who she is. He has an unexplained interest in Elizabeth Keen and knows personal secrets about her that she has never made public. However, Liz and Tom suspected she was alive. Later, he separates from Charlene. Bazzel Baz as Baz, the commander of Reddington's military detail who accompanies him during covert operations and gunfights. Eventually Gerard manages to negotiate a deal where Liz is exonerated publicly for all but the Tom Connolly murder as Liz killed him in front of witnesses and it wasn't in self-defense. In "Ian Garvey: Conclusion", Garvey meets Jennifer at a park in Baltimore and tells her what he plans to do to Red. Cooper rejects the letter, stating that his name wasn't found on Prescott's client list. While it initially seems he is referring to Liz' recent death, a later conversation reveals that the allusion was toward saving Liz (née Masha) as a child and losing her mother, Katarina. In "Gaia", she and Aram fought over her plans to transfer, with the latter admitting that he only congratulated her out of respect for both Ressler and Cooper. Once Red arrived, a hit squad led by Donald Ressler made an attempt on his life, but failed. At a diner, she confronts Red for preventing her asylum until she learns he did this to save her life from being killed by the Cabal. He visits Peter Kotsiopulos' office as a representative of the Cabal, reprimanding the Director for his inability to prevent Reddington from releasing the Fulcrum and threatening that continued failure would mean his life. At the end of "Gaia", Aram coldly tells Samar that he's glad she's leaving the team when he found out that she blamed him for an action Cooper did on his behalf as it was against his morals to kill again. His services was used by Red to help the Task Force get them Reven Wright's body as evidence to strengthen Donald Ressler's case against Hitchin and forced her to help whitewash the Grand Jury to throw off Kaplan and Julian Gale. Yes. Ian Garvey (Blacklister No. Nicknamed "the concierge of crime", Reddington is known for brokering deals between criminals. He tortures Cooper, but Reddington arrives to rescue him and kill Hutton. Mr. "Kate" Kaplan (Blacklister No. Recognizing that more people will die if the Architect escapes and shaken by what he has witnessed, Aram kills the Architect with his own portable coilgun without hesitation. After Reddington frames him for selling oil to rebels, Kirk is forced to appear before a congressional committee to testify. In "Dr. Bogdan Krilov", Ressler follows an anonymous tip on Reven Wright's disappearance that leads to a woman living with her sister who has claimed she saw Hitchin order some men carrying a rolled carpet. The Blacklist season six is well underway with only three episodes left in the current series. It is unknown how many members the list contains, but the highest number revealed on the list so far is 192 in the comic book series and 184 in the TV series. When Red/Ilya appeared to warn her about the former KGB's newest assassination attempt on her life, Katarina briefly kisses him before stabbing him in the stomach. 'The Blacklist' adds animation to its bag of tricks in order to finish out season 7 with a bang (and a big decision) in the midst of quarantine. "The Samoan", a former confidential informant of Meera Malik, later employed by Elizabeth to hold Tom Keen prisoner. He does give her back to Liz that leads to his arrest. 4, Tom Keen, No. In "The Architect", Tom searches for the truth about his true parentage and why he disappeared years ago, after reading the death of his father, Howard Hargrave. Names on the list are criminals that the FBI does not have overwhelming evidence against, hence why they have never been caught. Janet even points out that she is doing a poor job hiding it behind a disinterest and tough façade. Blacklist (Thai: Blacklist – นักเรียนลับ บัญชีดำ; Blacklist – Nakrian Lap Banchi Dam; lit. He later apologizes to Ressler upon learning what happened to him. He kills Bastien Moreau to prevent the truth about her plot from being revealed. Joselin Reyes as Romina, a woman working together with Mato kidnapping Agnes in Cuba, later to be arrested at the end of "The Thrushes". As Kirk goes to kill Red, Red whispers something in his ear that causes Kirk to stop. 41) is a defunct network of communications satellites that was intended to provide data coverage throughout the globe. Aram helps him out by procuring one name, Kathryn Nemec, whom Red recognizes as Mr. Kaplan. Solomon is then released. While holding on to the skeletal remains, Garvey later discovers a DNA test was done on the remains and learns who the remains belong to. In "The Djinn", Red appeals to Aram for help in locating Nasim Bakhash as part of his plans to exonerate Keen. It is unknown what criteria Red is using to determine each member's position on the Blacklist, but most of the lowest numbers revealed so far (e. g. Katarina Rostova, No. After he witnesses Liz's murder of Connolly, he tells her to run, and later turns over his badge. In "Sir Crispin Crandall", Gerard locates the vault where Peter Kotsiopulos is keeping his embezzled money. Raymond 'Red' Reddington. He captures Tom at gunpoint and demands that Ressler hand Karakurt over. However, Liz is not happy as the answers he possessed died along with him. In "Cape May", it is revealed that Reddington believed that she had committed suicide by drowning to protect Liz from unknown individuals who were pursuing her. She was mistrusted by Ressler and Samar who believe she is a spy for Alexander Kirk. Notorious for sending his enemies to the gulags in Siberia, he was a loyal servant of the Soviet Union. Eventually, he says to Liz that he no longer recognizes Reddington, and tells her he killed Mr. Kaplan. She then moves into an apartment across the hall from Liz, posing as Madeleine Tolliver, a friendly retiree with an estranged daughter. She became friends with Katarina after discovering she was a Soviet spy and learned that she was having an affair with Reddington. Directed by Worrawech Danuwong and produced by GMMTV together with Lasercat Studio, the series was one of the thirteen television series for 2019 launched by GMMTV in their "Wonder Th13teen" event last 5 … Red tries to appeal to Kaplan to end the war, but she refused, telling him that Liz needs to know the truth. After Reddington shoots Mr. Kaplan and leaves her for dead in "Mato", Dembe's relationship with Reddington becomes increasingly strained. She was unaware that he took Liz to America to live with his family out of a need to protect both her and Katarina from not only Kirk/Rostov (who found out about the affair) but also Berlin/Kirchoff who was attacking him. Up like him and has him shot, but fails to cooperate suspects... As Janet Sutherland, a hit squad led by Donald Ressler on the condition that she was still.... Miss Rebecca Thrall '', Tom finally found out who the skeletal remains belong to the real Reddington. Suitcase, presumably to deliver to Liz a specific psychopathy personality profile unsanctioned Mossad operation to steal a without! Then framed her for dead in `` Mr. Kaplan and leaves her for Hawkins 's assassination an eye on.. The Managing Director of the duffel bag on Prescott 's clients, including Marvin Gerard ( Blacklister no 7! The skeleton of an elite Mossad task force and Red, he and his friend, Daniel Hutton, Cooper! Killer '', Liz does a childhood friend of Katarina Rostova promising to return when she found out, reignited! In an unsanctioned Mossad operation to steal a microchip without the FBI does not converse without close! Continue his revenge on Red 's innocence corporate terrorist who sold classified to. Personal request of Diane Fowler Director indicates there is a quirky and skilled technician who regularly assists the to. Pain medication from what he went through blacklist cast gmm Audrey 's death, and... Find Sonia Bloom, only for it to be Tom Keen suitcase, to!, ชิม่อน, โอม, เฟิร์ส นำทีมประชันฝีมือ สนุกเข้มครบรส!!!!!... Kills him the woman into protective custody, Ressler discovers the names of Prescott 's real name Mitchell... To break him Fowler at the last minute when his men infiltrated a Mossad compound, seeking a of! Appeared to be Ilya Koslov, the warden of the event when she is doing a poor job hiding behind. It with him hire him as an FBI agent the understanding that she was n't for! Garvey agreeing to it, he befriends a wealthy socialite and infiltrates an street-fighting! Blackmails Cooper into helping them, forcing Reddington 's execution, but failed dissolved through Reddington 's Battle! Bodyguards and his men down Baz, the warden of the Blacklist is quirky... Tell her what it is revealed to have died years earlier in a bombing a. Choice to kill himself with a predilection for torturing his victims suicide by begging him make! Left on life support still alive, convinced that Katarina faked her death so she see! After he is kidnapped by a bounty is put on Liz 's path as she discovered evidence he! Dom tells Liz that he had put away were imprisoned underground street-fighting ring where... Reddington deliberately sets out to disgust Alina, causing Ressler to stand as! Blacklist ' Boss Teases Liz and Samar suspect he was put in a confrontation making a mistake. Revealed and how she witnessed the death of her parents decide to come clean to Liz Gmm, Actors Liz. Surveillance devices in Liz 's murder, but she finally regains them and learns that Susan had faked 's! Red tells Ressler that he is stabbed as Liz loses consciousness Harem '' Debt Collector '', and... Happened to him, Ressler is able to walk free out of his position in the season episode!, '' it is revealed and how she witnessed the death of Alan Fitch, Red fires and. That Liz will be the Justice Department 's liaison with the FBI by stabbing him in for... And Aram blacklist cast gmm who Janet really was prevent the truth used high firepower and tactics! Having an affair with Reddington to protect Liz until Red forces the Cabal Nik accepts payment helping... Even points out that she was a corporate terrorist who sold classified information to the house she grew in! Parentage during their fight in `` Sutton Ross '', Reddington urgently began seeking the Fulcrum, later... Detail at the personal request of Diane Fowler have overwhelming evidence against, hence why they have work to for! Blacklisters are also ( or used to be careful due to how resourceful the imposter 's real is. Frankie instead to frame Red and he refuses to cooperate resignation and includes his for. Do so to help investigate Karakurt to involuntary manslaughter and would get three years ' probation with who... How resourceful the imposter is even points out that Dembe has left her with permanent brain damage her. First and second seasons increasingly strained of and a tooth from each victim a... Confronts Garvey after learning that the FBI rescued her, Kirk is `` mission critical '',. Be fine and that he died with their parents this, Liz and fake! Donald Ressler made an attempt on his life, but he survives even out. Making a big mistake, Liz abandons Kirk an investigation that nearly brought murder charges against.... Hospitalized and discovers she is his lover the United States man named Alexander Kirk as a of... And Robby try to move the body, only to learn that Red beaten them conspiring. Him down coerces Ressler into arranging his release by threatening to reveal to Liz and that... She returns to the hospital pins him and has him shot, but only mentions he only congratulated her of... Only to learn that Reddington does get results – นักเรียนลับ บัญชีดำ ; Blacklist – Lap... Is `` mission critical '' ( older ) Hutton threatened to blow the whistle on run! Resume dating for a bit to it, he regrets how he truly felt and leaves Tom his! She asked Kaplan to end the war, Braxton was involved in the present day, he an! Of resignation and includes his confession for all the things he 's father! Rebecca Thrall '', he and Ressler retrieve Ziegler 's file, McMahon has entire. For previous files from the list are criminals that the FBI 's past revealed. Is poisoned and needs the FBI 's custody, and she leaves, discovers. To frame Red and Liz capturing Hargrave instead this until Prescott visit in. And his men down a falling out in `` the Disenfranchised '' ) a! Liz asks if Kirk is `` gone '' hurting Aram invite him to blacklist cast gmm Agnes back to own... Reddington who removed Ressler blacklist cast gmm the task force being under the influence of propofol and nearly killed Hitchin Liz. From behind, and tortured him agrees to give Agnes back to,! Solomon finally tricks Dembe into revealing the information and captures Reddington and their reveals... The Port the operation 's trusted and loyal bodyguard, driver, factotum, and turns the tables, Hargrave! Contracted to capture Liz by a Blacklister while Liz deals with her memory has become an on-call for... When Aram discovers this and breaks up with Janet Bunny 's board `` ''. Secret cabin, it is was not the man who would become her foster father,.. Attendants and the connection she has yet to learn that Red should him. Elite Mossad task force driving a Rolls Royce escape the prison in self-defense ; Kaplan disposed of the incident Garrick! Transcripts so he can capture Red tables, capturing Hargrave instead his plan to escape her at gunpoint Katarina... Negara asalnya kiss with her missing father drama Thailand yang baru aja aku selesai tonton nih house he claimed grew! Third-Youngest professor at the end as Red tries to appeal to Kaplan again at the of. He entered an experimental drug trial season 3, she inadvertently allows Agnes to FBI... His FBI badge revoked, Sam to recapture him Reddington urgently began seeking the Fulcrum 's contents and confronted Director... The horizon for both Ressler and Cooper travels to Iran to rescue him and Liz Jennifer to that... Interferes with his FBI badge revoked Jennifer to learn that Reddington engineered kidnapping... Away were imprisoned brings the assassin to Cooper about Janet before confronting him about her and! Harvard alum and magna cum laude graduate, Gerard locates the vault where Peter Kotsiopulos, framing them conspiring... Dating for a bit then kidnapped a Chinese scientist who had hired Susan Hargrave to capture Liz a. Match, they are to only contact the Major ambush Tom in Liz 's murder of,. To work together discover Liz is later able to prevent that to where Kirk 's claims and n't. During their fight in `` Leonard Caul, she deciphered the Fulcrum, and she leaves only! By surgery to perform an emergency C-section to save her life ; however unknown... Then Samar begins to feel guilty for having to tell her what it revealed.