Castor oil is considered the best biofuel available in terms of per capita yield in the market and it is mainly used as fuel … In the USA and around the world, there is a renewed interest in castor … This plant has also been used to produce herbicides and antiseptics4. The energy content of biofuel is a description of the chemical energy contained in a given biofuel, measured per unit mass of that fuel, as specific energy, or per unit of volume of the fuel, as energy density.A biofuel is a fuel, produced from living organisms.Biofuels include bioethanol, an alcohol made by fermentation—often … The seed of the castor tree contains between 45% and 50% of oil. If you are planning for setting up a small castor oil factory with small land space, small investment and high oil yield, the above … Yield and economics of castor as influenced by intercropping under irrigated conditions (pooled mean of 3 season) Treatment Spikes/ plant Intercrop mean seed yield (kg/ ha) Castor seed yield (kg/ ha) Castor seed equivalent yield (kg/ ha) Oil content (%) B:C ratio Sole castor 18 - 3694 3694 50.3 3.20 Castor + Mungbean (1:1) 18 546 3593 4531 49.5 3.58 Castor … Province wise area, production and yield of castor Its boiling point is 313 °C (595 °F) and its density is 0.961 g/cm 3. It is a viscous, pale yellow, nonvolatile, and nondrying oil whose contents depend on environmental conditions. The presence of many compounds in castor … Province wise area, production and yield of castor In irrigated Area the castor crop yieds 500 to 800 kg/ha. It … As per SEA, India's castor oil exports jumped 30 percent on month to 50,956 tonne in March but was down 16.2 percent YoY. How to Extract Castor Oil? In Paraguay, castor oil seed production increased at an average annual rate of +X% over the period from 2007-2017. while with irrigation castor crop yieds 500 to 800 kg/ha. However, reliance on a single source, whose oil yield per planted area is low (approximately 500 kg/ha), led to the need for alternative sources with higher energy density. In crop year 2019/20, the yield of castor oil seed in Brazil was forecast to reach 642 kilograms per hectare, down by 2.4 percent from 658 kilograms per hectare in … (2005) offers 929 1 kg castor oil price products. Usage/Application: The product has usage in Pharma, Cosmetic, Herbal, Ayurvedic and other allied industries. Our articles are written and reviewed by medical experts who have extensive experience in nutrition, health, and essential oils. The extraction of oil form the castor seeds is done in a similar manner with that of other oil seeds. Benefits of castor seeds/castor oil Castor seed oil is being used widely for various purposes. The optimum biodiesel yield was 88.2%, obtained at 0.4:1 methanol to oil mass ratio at 40 °C for 90 min. The yield of oil per hectare is 1188 kg. Castor plant is easy to establish on the field, resistant to drought, tolerate different types of soil even marginal soil and yield 350 – 900 kg oil per hectare. Color: Brown. The average yield of seed per hectare and oil per hectare is 1250 kg/hectare and 550 lit/hectare India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of castor oil [11]. Featured below is a detailed overview of the global Castor Oil market information. Enough base fertilizer is the key to ensure that the castor high yield, castor require large amount of fertilizer, generally based manure applied per acre, organic fertilizer 6000-7000 kg, diammonium phosphate 60-70 kg, 40-45 kg of potassium sulfate. Considering the current yield of around 8-14 quintal per bigha, they make anywhere between ₹27,200 and ₹47,000 per bigha at an average price of around ₹3,400 per quintal. This yield corresponded to 155 g biodiesel per kg castor plant. Different oil producing crop and their yield per acre land is shown in table no. “Castor oil has many uses and the good thing is that it has many derivatives. achieve a better yield. tor oil in warm area of the department of Caldas, where the two genotypes identified imported from Ecuador show higher productivity (12.74 kg plot-1) from the National Na - tive Cauca Valley Coffee region of Manizales (average of 6.0 kg plot-1). During 1998-99 average per ha yield was 1529 kg in Punjab while in Sindh and Bahawalpur average yield was 750 kg/ha in the same year. Last year, the country exported 60,776 tonne of castor oil in March. Table No. Castor Harvesting The crop matures in 150 – 180 days has varieties but average yield of rainfed castor is 350 to 500 kg per hectare and that of the mixed cropping from 150 to 200 kg/ha. 700 applications of castor oil, including chemical, sanitary, biodiesel, military, food, and cosmetics industries, have been developed. The use of castor oil Castor oil plant has been used as a pharmaceutical by human since 4000 BC5. Whereas during 2008-09, area under the crop was 8216 ha with total production of 4023 tons and average yield per hectare was 490 kg. Estimated CO 2 absorption level of castor bean plants is 34.6 tonnes per hectare with 2 growing cycles/year. Packaging Size: Standardized Packing as per industry.Also available customized packing, As per customer request s. USE : Castor oil is derived chiefly from the seeds. The yield in terms of oil varies from 350-650 kg of oil Thus, this work sought to obtain biodiesel through frying oil mixed with castor oil in order to obtain biofuel with adequate physicochemical properties and reducing dependence on soybean oil. You can discover details including: top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & … It is a triglyceride in which approximately 90 percent of fatty acid chains are ricinoleates. Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds. Castor is generally grown for seeds. The castor oil seed yield continues to indicate an outstanding … Yield: The average yield of rainfed castor ranges from 200 to 500 kg per hectare and that of the mixed crop from 100 to 200 kg/ha. Before sowing, castor seed should be treated with Thiram 3 g/kg of seed to prevent the attack of root-rot and Alternaria blight. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Castor Oil, castor bean oil, Castor Seed Oil across India. The having better commercial production Nordestina BRS149 genotype (2177.8 kg ha-1) and oil yield of 47 %, followed by material Cienaga de Oro (1948.0 kg ha-1) and oil yield of 43%, those of lower production were Monteria and Los Cordobas with values of 1788.8 kg ha-1 and 1779.2 kg ha-1 respectively and the same oil yields … Whereas during 2008-09, area under the crop was 8216 ha with total production of 4023 tons and average yield per hectare was 490 kg. In that year, the castor oil seed yield reached their peak level of X kg per … The spacing adopted generally ranges from 90-120 cm between rows and 45-60 cm between plants in the row. Find here Castor Oil, castor bean oil manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Dried and matured capsules must be … ... 925 kg/m 3 & after treatment of esterified castor oil with mineral turpentine oil (M.T.O.) due to its high oil production (38–60% of weight) per seed [].The non-edible oil that castor produces is used in the production of nylon, cosmetics, and medicinal applications. A wide variety of 1 kg castor oil price options are available to you, such as use, processing type, and feature. Estimated API Price per kg in USD for Pine Oil obtained from the import, export data from major ports of India Dehulled seed contains 60 to 70 per cent oil and 18-26 per cent proteins. Productivity of castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.) ... water availability and two planting densities on the grain yield of four castor oil plant hybrids were evaluated, ... higher than 3 000 kg ha-1. It does not compete with arable land as it can grow on marginal land with tolerance for varying weather conditions.