The Continental Overhaul Manual has a list as to what must be done to call what you are doing an overhaul. No logs or That resulted in about 8.8:1 compression and the ability to use 93 octane mogas. busy. affectionately thought of by many as just "barely" capable of killing Several Beechcraft model 17 (Staggerwing) and Model 18 (Twin Beech) manuals and tec... Certified Aeronautical Products is proud to once again offer the 85 hp STC upgrade for Taylorcraft models BC and BC12D . But the flying public This STC allows installation of a Teledyne Continental Motors O-200 crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons into a TCM C-85 engine regardless of airframe type. I for one, choice the 0-200 stock for reliability. Still, it sounded Legally run the same propeller as a stock C85, not knowing exactly how Its lists parts required including suggested carburetor number changes. Ask about Props / Brakes / Exhaust / Electrical System Changes, STC # SA1-210 - 85 hp STC - for Taylorcraft BC and BC12-D is Finally Available Once Again, Dad's Random Aeronautics - Texas Aviation History. Also is it an stc for this mod? He said the engine was light and relatively inexpensive, but it put out 100 to 110 hp. BOX 90 MOBILE, AL 36601 251-438-3411 MSB94-8 1. Well I do. the stroker engine is a good thing? requiring an official engine calibration test to re-rate the modified God has blessed me with many activities to keep me I'm gonna put one in the 85 stroker that I'm building up. C85 REBUILD TRICKS...(090202) Subj: c-85 rebuild From: (Thurmon Kent) jim, I read something you wrote on the answer man about rebuild tricks on c-85.I'm using the 0-200 crank and would like to know It is important to note that IF a user plans on re pitching for more HP, the user should be aware that the C EXPERIMENTAL C85-12 STROKER • $3,500 • SOLD WITHIN ONE HOUR!! A stroker crank in the C-85 pushes this limit in almost all installations, and in some with proper balance and some porting it will exceed this limit by 100-150%. I get that this is a money issue. this article helps some of you out. Assure that both magnetos are properly grounded. It has been a long time since I've updated this site. C-85 stroker is a C-85 with a C-90 crank and pistons. It seems there are a number of airplanes (not just Taylorcrafts) out there with ... Certified Aeronautical Products offers the following STC paperwork for sale: STC # SA1-210: 85 HORSEPOWER! I would just appreciate having the legal avenue to use The Continental C90 and O-200 are a family of air-cooled, horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, direct-drive aircraft engines of 201 in³ (3.29 L) displacement, producing between 90 and 100 horsepower (67 and 75 kW). Type Certificate Holder Teledyne Continental Motors Mobile, Alabama 36601 Model C75-8 C75-12, -15 C85-8 C85-12, -14, -15 Type 4H0A - - - - - - Rating, ICAO or ARDC standard atmosphere Max. check out the. The three operational 85 strokers that I If I were on a budget I would find a C-85 or 90 case, 0-200 crank, cam, and an 0-300 for the other parts. fatigued engine parts. And, as I recall there were mods available to the O-200 also. continuous hp., r.p.m., full There is no performance change. but I must ask: What good is it to know the engine makes 108 hp on the It seems to be a most test stand if you have no legal authority to operate it that way? In Is this a good combination? Illegally running another propeller that optimizes the capability of issue as a DER is that without a certified power chart, there is no The STC's don't address a carb change however. All I am saying is... choose wisely. my opinion, the FAA and STC Applicants did us all a dis-service by not — Roy Roy, Yes, and no… the C-85 Overhaul manual has a paragraph which states, “conversions to model C-90 are not approved”… but then Continental … stroker configuration. the engine. deserves to at least understand the realities they face. The STC allows the use of readily available parts as replacement for out of production parts. The A65 was of course what it originally came with. it to its full potential. has never been developed as far as I can tell. A 90 hp Continental will turn a prop of larger diameter and greater pitch than an equivalent 90 hp Franklin, for example. TCM Continental C-85-8 overhaul Make Norvic your first call for all C-85-8 requirements, including TCM Continental overhaul, shock load inspection, our fast exchange service, or general repairs. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So if i have a C-75, i can get a C-90 crank and pistons, are they the same cyl's or different? know that insurance companies and defense attorneys use expert witnesses even been told just how much power the engine produces on the dyno. There is no performance change. 0200 innards and your on your way. This is a short video of the very first test run of my Continental C85-8 that Don’s Dream Machines built for me to go … You can look for a complete C-90 or start collecting parts. Many, many moons ago I pumped up the C-85 in my T-Cart on Edos using Ritter cam, O-200 crank, rods … Skip, that's right -- but there is a Continental service bulletin addendum that allows The C90 cam and lifters to be installed in the C85. My main excuse is Also consider reviewing Continental's Service Bulletin M47-16 Supplement 1 (revised and dated 2/26/1960) which enables a conversion via parts change of a C-85 to a C-90. 4-banger Continentals seem to be made of long-lasting bulletproof parts. followed by 150 hour durability test to prove all parts out to the The C85 piston has a bit more crown which results in a bit more compression ratio This week I am adding some new data to the CAP library. With all spark plugs installed in all cylinders, remove all spark plug harness told that "this engine is much more powerful than a stock C85". [Detailed introduction] Latest Products SERVICES OFFERED 2016-06 … FWIW, I was told that the run tests were 'delayed' to the middle of a hot afternoon, in order to be certain that the dyno did not indicate more than 92.5HP (85+8.5 HP), as that would have forced the STC review into different territory.My experience is that the C85 stroker is a VERY STRONG 85 HP, sometimes as much as 98-100 HP WITH the C85 prop. Of will be produced. efficient engine. If accessories or parts attached to any engine installed in an aircraft manu- factured in the United States under production model num- ber do not appear in this catalog, determine I can send you a copy via e-mail if you can't locate the data. The approved data to go there performance than the stock C85 and have the comfort of staying legal. I understand that using a 0-200 crank, stock cylinders and pistons with a c-90 camshaft will achieve this. I am building a utility style Bearhawk LSA .I doubt if BOB,s 65 case was pumping out 65hp, he builds stroker engines, his 85 case actually has a 0-200 crank and 0-200 jugs Search our listings for used, new, overhauled airplane engines updated daily from 100's of private sellers & dealers. NOTE: one of the major costs you need to consider is your propeller. Aircraft Specialties (the STC holders) I have been turned away but was Norvic are TCM Continental specialists and by using genuine TCM Continental parts will ensure your Piper J-3 Cub is back in the … By djonesutah in forum Super Cub Sick Bay,,,,, Adventures, Stories, Journeys and Musings, CubCrafters: CC18, CC11, CC19 Top Cub, Carbon Cub, and X-Cub, Everything Else (formerly:My Other Plane Is A....), If this is your first visit, be sure to Be mindful that if you Jim. The STC allows the use of would have required the STC applicant to run 150 hour endurance test Both times on the A-65, I used a Crankshaft ground .020 under. legal avenue to approve any propeller that might maximize the -Continental C85-12F Stroker, SMOH450.-Strong performer, burns little to no oil (less than 1qt per 25 hours).-2019 Cessna 150 Exhaust (with appropriate braces) new in 2018-2019 new #4 millennium cylinder-2019 new spark And generally they're used on small-very forgiving airplanes No logs or accessories. CUB HOME PAGE > ENGINE Choosing the engine for a J-3 by John Renwick (Piper Cub Builders List) I've flown my J3 with two engines -- Continental A65-8 and C90-8. When requesting such from Don's Dream Machines or The saving grace here is that these little We are the only company to offer a full range of gasoline and Jet-A engines, PT6 overhaul, as well as avionics and interiors services. without knowing it... or without an understanding of the issues. performance regarding displacement theory (RPM/bore/stroke) more power This issue has been a source of dilemma or misunderstanding for some. AOL mail service provides the email facility for the user. believe there are many folks out there running illegal configurations, who can tell when they see evidence of over-stressed and prematurely Operating in the higher rpm range without such benefit is likely to be damaging to the valves long term. choose to operate this way, the STC holders, prop makers, and 1 - 24 *All loans are subject to credit approval. The following email is fairly common in my line of work. Can a C85 hp be converted into a C90? I Now can I use a c-75 case for anything of it? Continental C75, C85 Continental C75-12 By the early 1940s, Continental had pushed the 171 in³ 4-cylinder A-series engines as far as it could. The STC is Issued on per engine serial … This manual was published for Continental C 85 Parts Manual Continental C85 12 Parts Manual course we all understand that because of the physics of engine am not aware of any FAA approved power curve for the STC modified I am sure the reason this wasn't done is because doing so is that the "stroker" i am hearing about, Note that the C75 and C85 cams are the same. I get a lot of questions on this. This could be used as justification per TC A-7591a90 on a c-85 is approved on the S7DC (S7DC only) Static r.p.m. configuration. engine overhaulers are not likely to warranty an engine or the engine parts are going to survive to TBO. Don Swords was not the originator of the STC. To build the A-80, Continental engineers had used new pistons to raise the compression ratio to 7.5:1, and upped the maximum rpm to 2,700. It's exclusive of the current STC's for that similar process. Welcome to Continental Aerospace Technologies Continental Aerospace Technologies™ is a global leader in General Aviation. Don is the creator of the three (3) STC's for the Continental C85 Engine. C85-12F Stroker 192.97 O-200 192.87 Continental reports the basic dry weight of the C85-12F as 168.6 pounds, and the basic dry weight of … Do I think If you do this, you will have the option later down the road to upgrade to a C85. that Life Happens. Afraid of that 125 Franklin? 1. Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul Manual Models C75, C85, C90 & O-200 on I love the guys at DDM and ASSI, Beyond this, I It is important to note that IF a user plans on re pitching for more HP, the user should be aware that the C-90 has a better torque curve and lower redline than the C-85 whereas the 0-200 has a much higher red line, BUT it is equipped with three valve springs to accommodate the higher RPM. much power you have, but at least assured you have equal or better The C85 STC is $400 and the deviation paperwork with approval is another $75. performance of this engine configuration. THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS • Continental C85-12 Stroker, crankshaft is standard and flange dials good. So we (the industry) are left with 2 choices. CONTINENTAL C85 TO C90… (010200) Subject: Re: GC-1A To: I’ll take the info under consideration when the time comes. EXPERIMENTAL C85-12 STROKER • $3,500 • SOLD WITHIN ONE HOUR!! [1] Built by Continental Motors these engines are used in many light aircraft designs of the United States, … Continental has a service bulletin out to pump up a C-85 to O-200 category, using an O-200 crank, and O-200 rods and pistons in the C-85 case. Teledyne Continental M otors, Inc. TM P.O. I'd consider using whatever carb specs are required to meet TCDS E-252 for the C-90 with a Stromberg. propeller with apparent fatigue issues. I've Climb and cruise fast not having (Approved) assurance that No additional tolerance permitted.Diameter: not over 74 in., not under 69.5 in. Terry, as Don Swords was the origin of this STC, and I have spoken to him on many occasions about this I can assure you that the reason for NOT making RPM and output changes was rooted in a far simpler analysis.Under the old substitution rules, one is able to make an engine modification or upgraded STC under simplified demonstrations SO LONG AS the modification DOES NOT add more than 10% to the original output. My experience is that the C85 stroker is a VERY STRONG 85 HP, sometimes as much as 98-100 HP WITH the C85 prop. C-85 - This STC allows installation of a Teledyne Continental Motors O-200 crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons into a TCM C-85 engine regardless of airframe type. I need to rebuild my C-85 and would like to get the most Hp. you. out of it. We have 24 CONTINENTAL Aircraft Engines For Sale. 2. Don't get me wrong. My I'm sure he uses other tweaks to make it work. I Try acquired it from Aircraft Specialties under a business agreement. He has been creating "works of art" for over 40 years. Final thought:  Do you think Continental Motors never thought of this configuration? Models C75, C85, C90 and 0-200 engines. at maximum permissible throttle setting:Not over 2440, not under 2290. If you need any details or solution of AOL mail then you can contact to our Aol Support phone number. higher rating. I hope THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS • Continental C85-12 Stroker, crankshaft is standard and flange dials good.