So consider reducing a few houseplants, and always run exhaust fans after shower and kitchen … Buy a dehumidifier. Anything that restricts airflow or causes your air conditioner to stop working is no … Limit the Amount of Plants Inside. Dehumidifiers are devices that consist of a small fan, compressor, coils and refrigerant. Run Your Air Conditioner Another surefire way to reduce humidity is to run the air conditioner. If we were to rank humidity on a scale of 1 to 100, you would generally want the humidity levels of your home to fall between 45 and 55. How To Reduce Humidity In A Room Naturally. Leaking pipes and faucets do just that. Wipe Showers Dry A simple way to reduce humidity yet cost nothing in the process is to keep your bathroom dry. One of the best ways to remove humidity in a room naturally is by using silica gel. Air conditioning lowers the moisture level as the air cools. To prevent excess moisture, hang your clothes outside on a clothesline. Mold and spores . Service agents are available 24/7 to take your call at: Copyright 2020 Husky Heating and Air Conditioning. Within your unit are evaporator coils that are approximately twenty degrees colder than the temperature you have … They actually make a pretty good dehumidification tool. Lennox Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, That means less money spent on cooling bills. If so, then it’s time for you to do something to lower your home’s humidity. But, what can you do to lower the humidity levels in your home? You may Replace your Furnace / AC … Consumer’s Guide To Whole-Home Dehumidifiers. How to Reduce Humidity in House 1. This can then result in fatigue, muscle cramps, respiratory problems, and more. To tell if your home’s humidity levels are too high, look for these signs: As the humidity levels in our home rise, it becomes harder and harder for us to keep our bodies cool. It can lead to respiratory problems, allergy flare-ups, and sleep interruptions. If that is not an option (such as in apartments with no balconies), then use a clothes dryer that is vented to the outdoors. That means less money spent on cooling bills. All Rights Reserved. Why Does My Furnace Keep On Shutting Off? Excessive sweating can lead to the loss of essential minerals and water, aka, dehydration. Signs of leaks include stained drywall, wet spots, and irregular water bills. You know what causes high humidity levels in your home, but how exactly are you supposed to know if your home is too humid? Gutters are often the cause of indoor water leaks, which are terrible for both your home, your humidity level, and you. It also prevents plant leaves from remaining wet where fungal … Ways to cut excess humidity You’ll actually have to use your air conditioner a lot less, because it now has help keeping humidity levels low. One natural and easy way to reduce humidity in your home is to cover the exposed soil in any houseplants. Take shorter, colder showers to reduce the moisture in your bathroom. But in the summer, all those damp clothes will just help make your home more humid. The best alternatives to a dehumidifier depend on the causes of the humidity, the room's features and your budget. Investing in a dehumidifier is one of the simplest solutions for lowering the humidity levels in your home. Dehumidifiers fit right inside your furnace air handler, and removes moisture from the air as it passes through. In order to understand how to lower the humidity levels in your home, you must first understand what causes high levels of humidity in a home. Leaks and cracks around your home can also have an effect on humidity levels. I usually do 6-7 and make them ¼ inch or so across. How Was Your Rate of Speed Determined? Excess humidity promotes mold and mildew, yet running a dehumidifier can have a major impact on your electric bill. If you may arrange sufficient ventilation in your house for at least a couple of hours a day, that can help to reduce indoor humidity of your home. 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The bedroom requires about 50% relative humidity, all year round to reduce dust mites and allergens (source: PubMed.) If you have houseplants, low humidity can cause brown, curling leaf tips and dried-out soil. Therefore, you should frequently ventilate your home to make sure this excess moisture has a chance to escape. Air-condition system. If you suspect that there is a rising damp in your home, you should definitely call professionals for help. All you have to do is take a few briquettes and place them in a receptacle – a basket or can will do. Charcoal briquettes aren’t just for barbecuing anymore. Construct a plant humidifier. Now you know you have to reduce your humidity levels – but how do you do it? Apart from the sweat in the small of your back, the easiest way to find out the humidity levels in your home is to purchase a hygrometer. The most obvious way to get moisture out of the air in your home is to buy a dehumidifier. We love hot showers as much as the next person, but they are the enemy of home comfort in this scenario. If your home is humid, the most effective way to get rid of the dampness is by using a dehumidifier. Once you have your hygrometer, measure the air in your home. How to Lower Humidity Indoors 1. 2. The last thing you want to do is walk into your home on a humid day and not be comfortable or feel a refreshing temperature change. This, in turn, can lead to allergies. The most surefire way to reduce indoor humidity is to get a dehumidifier. This is a big problem in the winter. Fix any leaks you have, and wrap your exposed pipes in insulators – this will keep condensation from forming. How to Lower Indoor Humidity Invest in a Dehumidifier. A well-functioning air conditioner essential acts as a dehumidifier for your home. Ultimately, when it comes to how much humidity should be in your house, many people have personal preferences. Keep humidity under control by getting your air conditioner tuned up, and frequently change the filter. The main way to ensure that your home’s humidity levels are where you want them to be is through your AC system. Otherwise, you’re spending money cooling air that is getting pulled outside. Investing in a dehumidifier is one of the simplest solutions for lowering the humidity levels... Run the AC. Here’s how to reduce humidity in a room naturally: 1.