This has a total of 114 water jets and can accommodate around 4 to 6 people, depending on the body structure and size. Inflatable hot tubs are not home improvement fads. It is the perfect hot tub for a quick relaxing experience. Our goal was to review the UK range and find out what is the best inflatable hot tub for you to buy in 2020 and avoid the nightmare of buying a portable hot tub that isn’t worth half the money. This is to ensure that the hot tub does not short circuit or experience any electrical surges in your home. You can use a hose for this. You long for the times when you could easily lounge in a Jacuzzi at your favorite spa salon. Easily maintainable design for enhanced longevity. Discover: Top 10 Best Inflatable Swimming Pools Reviews. Inflatable hot tubs do not usually have built-in seating. These inflatable hot tubs are made with sturdy and durable charcoal grey rhino tech 6 layer reinforced PVC cover that is UV, frost and puncture-resistant. For this, you can have an inflatable hot tub. Required fields are marked *. People who have back problems report a decrease in back pain after a few minutes soak in their own inflatable hot tubs. Imagine trawling through over 1000 blow up hot tub reviews! The cushioned floor creates a comfortable experience meaning you can sit back and relax while enjoying the 130 high-powered bubble jets. Learning about water treatment and chemical dosages, Choosing the Best LifeSmart Spa for Your Needs, The Best that American Spas Hot Tubs Has to Offer. Finest grade material for stability and durability. In the end, it is your choice that will matter. If you are looking for the best portable hot tub that can be easily assembled, is easy to use, and affordable, then look no further than ALEKO 4-person plug and play inflatable hot tub. The SaluSpa Hawaii will provide you with a pleasurable and rejuvenating hot tub experience at the touch of a button. This portable pool holds up to 210-gallons of water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When this occurs, drain your tub’s water and clean your hot tub thoroughly before refilling for use. As with most products, however, inflatable hot tubs also have their disadvantages. Other inflatable hot tubs do have the bubble jet features but the Intex one does it better. Pros: The small build makes it easy to move. This purchase brings you 12 filters of replacement filters. Having your own inflatable hot tub also means you will spend lesser time at the local spa. Set up the inflatable hot tub on a flat surface. Bestway’s Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub can be considered the best 4 person inflatable hot tub. Moreover, this extra-large bathtub accommodates up to 6 persons at once. Your email address will not be published. Do remember that, once you refill it, you need to check the pH and alkalinity again as well as repeat the sanitization process. Therefore, after inflation, the tub also retains its shape for hours, even after long-term sitting. The tub also comes along with a plastic foam bottom. Thank you for your support! Where you put it is up to you, so long as the area is level. While buying, you should focus on the capacity to accommodate multiple people depending on your family size. Spacious creation with easy control functions for performance. Read on to read different inflatable hot tub reviews to help guide you in choosing an inflatable hot tub. For this review, we chose the bigger 6 person version of the Intex Greywoord inflatable hot tub, an extra space is always welcome! The inbuilt air chamber, along with safety lock clips makes inflation convenient for all. There is not need to rewire anything, but you need to make sure that a socket is accessible as using it with an extension need is not really advised. Intex is successfully making inflatable products for 40 years, and it is an expert in above ground inflatable pools and toys. Unique safety design for a safe and comfortable experience. Some manufacturers will include water treatment starter kits when purchasing the unit so this is the best way to learn how to use them. Therefore, this inflatable tub produces a spa-grade bubble bath at your convenience. You can read inflatable hot tub reviews to see whether a hot tub brand includes a free insulation liner or not. These are the questions that you need to answer before you can make that choice. Do not use your inflatable hot tub outdoors if the temperature reaches below 4ºC or 40ºF. This outdoor blow-up hot tub comes along with an air pump to make inflation faster and easier. You can use inflatable hot tubs both indoors and outdoors, but whatever you decide, you need to make sure you have sufficient space for the one you decide on buying. An inflatable hot tub can become the focal point in your backyard where your family can relax and spend time together. Furthermore, the easy-lift handles help users to carry this tub along with them to the garden and other spaces. Moreover, the tub can accommodate up to 210-gallons of water. Having 6 layers of reinforced Rhino-Tech material, this blow up hot tub is super-strong. It wasn’t long ago when hot tubs were only meant for the rich and fortunate among us. The included heat-retaining ground cloth prevents heat loss. When is it best to change your hot tub water? Also make sure to watch installation DVD if included or watch YouTube videos of other customers who have successfully installed their own inflatable hot tubs. There are different types of inflatable hot tubs available, and you should check all the products to understand the different features. It is always lovely to enjoy in a bathtub, unwind and relax in hot water, outdoors. How to install an electric fireplace insert. The spa inflates quickly and easily, and almost no … Users of this inflatable hot tub love the fact that it is easy to set up while providing all the things you would need in a hot tub. Updated: November 19, 2020. But often, the cost for professional spa treatments can add up over time prompting you to just stay indoors and cozy up next to your heater instead. With all these things in mind, let us head over to our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2020 reviews. Well, because this is more than just any inflatable hot tub, it is a bubble massager too. High-quality construction is a must-have consideration when you decide to have an inflatable hot tub. Looking for patterns of faults and common complaints. It is available in different sizes and designs, and you can set it up with ease. The lazy spa reviews on this inflatable hot tub are cutting it close with many loving it and many feeling disappointed. It is, however, usually near the heating unit on the outside of the tub. Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviews – Consumer Reports [2020] By admin Leave a Comment. Equipped with 140 pieces of bubble jet sprays, the tub also produces a warm and cozy bubble bath. Furthermore, this inflatable hot tub is ideal to use in both indoor and outdoor purposes. Highly resistive design for quality performance. Here you will have the 77 inch 4 people Intex inflatable hot tub review. Easily installable creation for user comfort. This means you do not have the advantage of regular hot tubs where you can sit back in a bucket seat and relax. Apart from that, you can use gas to fill it. Permanent hot tub construction can cost as high as $16,000 to $20,000. This spa tub has replaceable filter cartridges for cleaning tub water. Refurbished ones may cost slightly less than that while other high-end inflatable hot tubs can cost a little more than $1400. Inflatable hot tubs have a plug that can be plugged into a household socket. This inflatable hot tub produces soothing hot bubbles with the help of jet sprays. Easy weight design for enhanced durability. You can choose between a regular massage spa set, deluxe massage spa set, and jet and massage spa set. The up side is that you can install it anywhere, whether in your laundry room (space permitting), on the patio, your deck, or even on your lawn. A pH that is too low may damage your hot tub’s vinyl and thus damage the tub. Discover: Top 10 Best Durable Inflatable Pools Reviews. diameter). The swimming pool tub is just the right thing for good summer days. With a maximum water temperature of 104ºF and 60 jets surrounding you with bubbles, it’s hard not to fall in love with this hot tub. Perfect for up to 4 persons, this inflatable hot tub makes spa session comfortable and private for everyone. Learning about water treatment and chemical dosages for your hot tub is more practical than replacing the tub water each day. The Aleko 2-Person 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub is an affordable inflatable hot tub. Discover: Top 10 Best Baby Bath Tubs Reviews. This inflatable hot tub offers enough room for 2 persons at once after complete inflation. The puncture-resistant pool tub for adults also stays inflatable for hours. These accessories are not included in a basic inflatable hot tub setup. Though it is one of the best inflatable hot tubs for the money, it is not immune to imperfections. Precisely, most of hot tubs are made for maximum of 1 04 degree Fahrenheit, which is quite a standard temperature. Its size is one of its highlights and the fact that it’s easier to relocate is proof of that. A water test kit makes testing your water easy. Multi-dimensional design for user comfort. Besides, the water can heat up faster, and it can be ready quicker. The soft touch-sensitive control panel and digitally-controllable pump make operation easier. If you plan to throw hot tub parties, the 6-person version will come in super handy! Moreover, this bathtub offers enough room to accommodate up to 4 people simultaneously. Easy transferable and effortlessly setup design for comfort. ️Here The List Of Best Inflatable Hot Tubs You Can Buy Now. Equipped with 120 pieces of bubble jets, the tub delivers a soft, warm bubble bath. Pro-temperature creation for user satisfaction. Once dry, you can fold and store it if not going to make use of it any time soon. One of the major advantages of an inflatable hot tub is its portability. Most hot tubs can fit four to six people which are perfect for a small family. They serve a number of purposes that will surely benefit you and your home as well. Ideally, it is best to replace your inflatable hot tub’s water once every month or if/when the tub water has turned green and murky. Furthermore, the comforting bubble bath offered by this inflatable hot tub keeps you warm and relaxed. 1. The underside of the cover has foil coating to keep water extra warm and to lock in heat. You can conveniently monitor the water temperature up to 104-degree Fahrenheit. If you have guests, you can also let them try out soaking in the hot tub. Different inflatable tub model will have a different mode of installation so make sure to read the manual prior to assembling the unit. They have a tiny filter, unlike their regular counterparts, and cleaning this regularly is very important. Advanced resistive design for long-term experience. Your whole body will also feel more rejuvenated after each soak. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Coleman SaluSpa Portable 4 Person Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with 60 AirJets and Pump, Black at Let’s take a look at our top 10 inflatable hot tub reviews from three of the most popular brands – Lay-Z-Spa, Intex, and MSpa. This is why it is important for you to read your hot tub’s manual prior to using them. Furthermore, the portable pool tub holds up to 290-gallons of water. Inflatable hot tubs are not suitable for use in environments with a temperature below 4ºC or 40ºF since the hot tub’s pump mechanism could freeze and permanently damage it. Effortlessly installable design for consumer comfort. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The inflatable pool tub has the construction of a sturdy I-beam structure. The 3-ply construction also improves the stability and durability of the tub. And if you want a hot tub for parties, a 6-person inflatable spa is the better choice. For this reason, it is not a good idea to put it on a deck. Once you have located the hole in your hot tub, patch up this hole using the repair kit included in your hot tub purchase. This can cause irreversible damage to your hot tub’s pump and heater. Most inflatable hot tubs cost between $300 and $1000. Overall Rating: 4/5. Perfect for up to 4 persons, this inflatable hot tub makes spa session comfortable and private for everyone. An inflatable spa takes quite long to heat up, average an increase in temperature of about 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. Before deciding on the best hot tub for your needs, and before purchasing an inflatable hot tub, you first need to do some homework. The perfect time to go for a hot tub soak is after a hard day’s work. There are a lot of great hot tubs from Intex. Aleko Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Review. For most of us, the desire to have your own inflatable hot tub comes when the temperature begins to drop and the weather becomes colder. Your inflatable hot tub should not be placed in an environment with temperatures less than 4ºC or 40ºF. Furthermore, you can use this tub for garden playing with your family and friends. MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo is one of the most well-balanced options on the market today. Intex 77 inches PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set, Economical Alternative to Hard Hot Tubs or Jacuzzis, A Good Way to Promote Family Bonding Moments or Entertain Guests. Moreover, the floor of this portable pool tub comes with the construction of soft and plush PE foam. Sturdy creation for long-lasting durability. So, you can enjoy a relaxing warm bath all the time. Top 8 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs by Consumer Reviews in 2020 1. Therefore, you can seat or relax on the tub without any hassle. Sometimes inflatable hot tub review s cannot do justice to the Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set. The initial heating up of the water takes some time and pushed up your heating cost, whereas the more often you use it, the more the water temperature stays the same as you would only be increasing heat when the water cools down. Read More. Model. Moreover, the thermal-insulating bottom and cover keep you safe and warm for hours. Hot Tub Model: MSpa Tekapo. It’s designed to be easy to set up, and it comes with an inbuilt drink tray and cover. The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market. Here are some helpful tips for using an inflatable hot tub: Read the manufacturer’s installation manual and watch installation videos. The Lay-Z-Spa inflatable is also available in a bigger 6-person hot tub capacity, namely the Palm Springs and Paris models. Other inflatable hot tubs do have the bubble jet features but the Intex one does it better. Moreover, the multiple air chambers make inflation and deflation lesser time-consuming. This hot tub is ideal for 4 people only so that you can make the most of the hydrotherapy massage experience. This best portable hot tub has a dimensional requirement of 75”x75”x28” and weighs around 103 pounds. Having spa treatment at your home will let you have an amazing feel. Written by . The water in the hot tub and the jet bubbles produced helps massage and relax your back muscles. You do, however, need to remember that the bigger your hot tub, the more water is needed to fill it up and the higher your heating costs involved. Expect the temperature to rise about a degree per hour. Nevertheless, the floor of the hot tub is padded for maximum comfort. The side walls are strong enough to give you support when you are enjoying a luxurious spa session. This tub is perfect for enjoying a hot spa bath. Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews #1 Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa. New Product for 2020: Delight Aurora Inflatable Bubble Hot Tub. Just any household appliance, you will need to take care of your inflatable hot tub to ensure that you will be using it for a very long time. Its ASIN is B00HHO0IEU, and its item model number is 28403E. The tub also consists of 120 pieces of powerful jet sprays. Best Inflatable hot tubs do not have to be expensive to own. This inflatable hot tub comes in 2 colors, green and black and reaches a diameter of 71 inches when inflated. And the Lay-Z Spa hot tub embraces this along with an affordable price. Furthermore, the convenient temperature control helps users to adjust the water temperature and bubble intensities accordingly. Inflatable hot tubs have lightweight construction so that there will be easy portability. Inflatable hot tubs are safe for older children under parent supervision. It’s somewhat of an equal stand as both sides of the reviews have justified reasons for their feelings. The 3-ply laminated material construction extends the lifespan of this tub. The bubble jets also produce countless bubbles to deliver therapeutic warm. Hot tubs, after all, share a vast majority of their of features with one another, where the individual is as nuanced as the pock-marked surface of the moon.. That means there's a slightly lower max temperature with inflatable hot tubs than with a lot of in-ground or above-ground units. Conversely, a smaller hot tub is more portable and power-saving. Furthermore, the digital control panel lets you adjust the water temperature up to 104-degree Fahrenheit. You can use an air election pump or hand pump to inflate this hot tub. This tub is perfect for enjoying a hot spa bath. The honeycomb column structured bottom of the tub also keeps the tub stable on different grounds. These are the top 10 best inflatable hot tubs by our team that will guide you in knowing the different features. Required fields are marked *, 1. If you are considering to buy an inflatable hot tub that can work best with concrete, smooth floors and limited spaces, then this portable hot tub from Goplus is for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best inflatable hot tubs and a detailed buying guide on how to choose the right unit. This means you need to estimate one day for heating before using your spa, unless you prefer cold water. This 6 person inflatable hot tub is rated 5 stars by most of its customers. 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews in 2020 Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is an inflatable hot tub by Intex. It’s not very big but it’s a good choice for someone who has limited space to set up a hot tub. It is available at an affordable value, and you can use it from anywhere you want. Moreover, the seats do not displace even after having a bubble bath. If you have always wanted to soak in the portable hot tub, then you are not alone because millions wish to do the same. If you are placing your inflatable hot tub outdoors, make sure that this socket is placed far away to avoid splashes from the tub. We are reader-supported. Quality wise, MSPA USA Exotic plug and play hot tub is a great choice. Just like regular hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs also require some maintenance so that they stay in great condition. Reading inflatable hot tub reviews is one of the best ways to see if a hot tub is a right choice for you or not. Enhanced spacious construction for enhanced entertainment. However, this means that users won’t have lots of legroom. ️5. If your inflatable hot tub does not come with such a kit, you can easily find it at any store that carries pool and spa supplies. How Hot Is Too Hot? This comprehensive guide reviews the 19 best hot tubs for homes that are sure to wow your friends and neighbors while providing years of reliable service and enjoyable refreshing experiences. Make sure to test the pH on a weekly basis. Accidents may occur and despite your hot tub’s sturdy built, holes can appear. Well, because this is more than just any inflatable hot tub, it is a bubble massager too. When bathing your baby, rather make use of a baby bath tub. How much do you want to enjoy yourself with your own inflatable hot tub and can you picture yourself lounging in a hot tub, preferably with a glass of wine, after a hard day’s work? It can fit anywhere, you can set it up indoors or outdoors. The bottom drain valve of this inflatable hot tub easily drains water without taking much time. Suitable for 4 people, the blow-up hot tub makes family time comforting and fun-filled for all. Ideal for 4 people, this inflatable hot tub is large enough to enjoy a salon-style spa at home. Be sure there are no sharp objects or debris beneath your inflatable … The heavy-duty frame withstands the load of 4 people. You may need to check your manual to find the filter, as each manufacturer may install it in a different location. The fiber-tech construction makes this tub extremely comforting and stable. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This price range is still significantly lower than a permanent hard hot tub which you can find in spas or which you can have constructed in your home. So, you can also effortlessly enjoy a bubble bath at home. The construction is a lot more … The Coleman SaluSpa is currently the largest selling hot tubs in the market. Furthermore, the insulated cover never lets the heat escape. The thick mold-welding makes the portable bathtub exceptionally long-lasting. Inflatable hot tubs come in a range of sizes and have a range of different features, you can get spas that are perfect for couples, family that will take 4-6 and then the largest inflatable spa will hold up to 8 adults which is the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco. Before buying any inflatable hot tub with jets, you can select any of the options mentioned above by knowing what type of jets would best suit your personality.. Don’t worry about the overall massaging experience; it’s nearly the same! Most inflatable hot tubs will come with air pumps that will allow you to inflate and deflate within a few minutes. Intex PureSpa Inflatable Spa Set 77 Inches Buy on Amazon: ️4. Most hot tubs will come with an insulation liner that you can place underneath the hot tub before inflating it. Different inflatable hot tub models have different step by step procedures in their manuals. Get it now on . It can fit four adults comfortably, so it’s not really suited to big families, but for couples, it’s absolutely ideal. The cost of heating your inflatable spa depends on a number of factors, such as are you using it inside, or outside, and how often do you use it. The PureSpa Portable hot tub is also available in round and octagonal designs. The Bestway Miami is our Editor’s Choice inflatable hot tub that can seat four people comfortably (unless they’re all giants). Your money spent on hot tub baths is better spent on your own inflatable hot tub setup which you can use anytime. Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set. The inflatable hot tub with I-beam construction offers better stability than the proteiform constructions. The more space you have, the larger the inflatable hot tub that you can buy. Built-in best hot tubs can cost upwards $2,000. There are bathtubs in the market with near to no air or hydro jets that can often deceive people. This hot tub is spacious enough to offer room for 4 persons at once. Get the best massage experience by incorporating the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub. You usually sit on the bottom of the inflatable hot tub which has cushioning. With thousands of happy users, the Coleman SaluSpa inspires confidence and the Coleman hot tub reviews are always positive. Unique multi-purpose creation for consumer satisfaction. Multi-functional design for all-round satisfaction. In fact, users of this inflatable hot tub commend the products durability. For those with space constraints or for those only planning to use the hot tub for 2-4 people, the 4-person version is an awesome choice as well.