It’s easy to see why so many like the HD800S so much; they are impeccably engineered and transparent but also remain natural and inviting. Treble is interesting, it’s very crisp and very clean but not as emphasised as the ie800 or HD800 that came before it. Sonically I haven't been able to spot any in my week with this headphone. The HD800 itself is quite unique in the world of headphones, including for Sennheiser. QED. Free postage. but being closed back, it also doesn’t quite reach the scale of the sound produced by the HD800. HD800S is one of the nicest looking headphones I had the please of laying my hands on. Get the best deals for sennheiser hd 800s headphones at Click & Collect. I also don't want to take a chance with the treble spike if I get the regular HD 800. This suits me perfectly as it it the ultimate small form factor for a desk set-up which keeps clutter to a minimum. Especially when coming from smooth or rolled off headphones (many headphones out there are rolled off or smooth). So again, is it worth the outlay? This innovation was a key element in making the IE 800 the world’s best sounding in ear headphone, and in the HD 800 S it helps to bring even greater purity and precision”. I am very sensitive to harsh sounding headphones and other gear, so I was on pins and needles waiting for the HD800S to arrive, wondering if I had blown two grand on a pair of headphones I would not enjoy listening to. Awesome unit that has seen very limited use. The treble doesn't have any hiss nor harshness to it, and it's exactly as much as it should be. The HD800 S cups, showing the small donut-shaped resonator in the centre hole. Of course, sub-bass and bass overall are exceptional, but I do have to be a lot more critical when judging high budget flagship products. And in this scenario, the Enterprise pulls ahead of the Little Dot as well. I have no doubt that the HD800S will scale incredibly well with an even better source, but for now, this is best I can provide. The overall look of the Sennheiser HD800S (which is a continuation of the HD800 and to a lesser extent the HD700) could be described as futuristic, perhaps slightly sci-fi, but always distinctive. Female vocals have wonderful presence and clarity without becoming overbearing, there’s no sibilance but distortion from low bitrate files is quite prevalent. Posted in: Headphones This is likely due to the open back design, and while plenty of closed headphones do have this same kind of diffuse bass response, similarly priced models such as the Fostex TH-900 do tend to sound more bottomless and full if at the expense of the unrelenting texture and resolution of the HD800S. Whilst they don’t quite match the feel of the wooden Fostex headphones and the fully metal Oppo’s, they are far more practical and comfortable in daily usage. How good are the HD 800S not just for music, but for movies and video games as well vs over the regular HD 800. I really can't decide on the HD 800 vs 800S. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Sheepskin Replacement ear pads for Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S headphones. In addition, the earcups are absolutely huge, easily enveloping even the largest of ears. The overall package is simple yet elegant. Then things changed when I bought the Beyerdynamic T1, and all of a sudden it was time to thin down the number of headphones I owned, and concentrate on what I really liked. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Bass is not particularly accentuated, which is a surprise coming from Sennheiser, but is very linear and really digs deep without any sort of roll off. This makes them more sonically pleasing for many people, especially those who like the HD800, but find it too bright. After enough listening, it becomes far more apparent who invested more time and effort in their mastering or who wanted to get a certain type of sound since HD800S picks ever detail that is present in the track. Sometime I'll have to try them on Schiit Audio's Ragnarok and the new Cavalli amps, if not a Chord Dave. Good review, but prone to scratching part is intresting... Its, because you put HD800S on a hard table. Quality is impeccable as expected, cymbals are incredibly textured and shimmer without raspiness. There is a certain romanticism with tubes which I will miss, although I’m going to love having a little more space on my desk again. From design and build through to fit and finish, the HD800S is definitely TOTL and one of the best dynamic circum-aural open headphones you can buy today. My next test as a desktop was to utilise FiiO's K5 – first with the E17K (real budget set-up), and then with the X7. Finding more often than not, just because stuff costs more doesnt make them better that other lower priced stuff... Cmon man, a "smidgen more bass" when compared to the LCD2 / LCD4 / HD650? One is the balanced XLR4 cable, and the other is the standard 6.35mm TS jack cable. This is on account of the marginal increase in perceived bass and the marginal decrease in energy in the 6k region. The following is what I hear from the HD800S. HD800S is picky about it's amps and is hard to drive. Something to note anyway. Additionally, the drivers have been tuned to have more low bass, but with the consequence of more distortion. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better-performing audiophile headphones than the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO. I'm a 49 year old music lover. Sub-bass – well extended, and able to stretch to extremely low frequencies in a sine sweep. For my preferences, I wouldn’t even call the midrange recessed but it definitely sounds a little more sculpted than the Oppo PM3 even if, Treble is quite natural overall, it has been toned down from the original HD800 through a similar Helmholtz resonator as used in the, (ironic since the ie800 has quite a pronounced treble response) which is used to absorb certain frequencies; in this application the treble spike at 6KHz. Life-like. All of these comparisons are very subjective – and influenced by my own preference, physiology and bias. , an accomplished portable amplifier but one that doesn’t nearly meet the power output of a dedicated home amplifier, provides plenty of power to the HD800S with enough volume on high gain to become almost unbearable to me (I use around 2/5 on high gain, source at maximum volume). There is no blind spot or space left unfilled with sound with HD800 and the depth is just as good. I'd taken this DAP to a meet previously – and had a couple of HD800 owners tell me that it rivalled their home desktops systems. Unfortunately I wear glasses and the clamp force (while by no means excessive) is enough to force my glasses onto the bridge of my nose. portable headphones I’m used to, but perfectly considered clamp force in addition to the spring loaded hangers create a very comfortable fitment; they are more comfortable than my Sony MDR-1A’s but also don’t feel nearly as hot over time. Likewise with guitar – as a self taught amateur, I am intimately familiar with how a real acoustic guitar sounds – and especially the realism of fingers on strings, the sharp edges of a picked string, and even the rap of fingers on the body. Excellent sub-bass extension which has enough slam to clearly rumble, but is in perfect balance with the rest of the spectrum. Compared to the X7, the LP5 Pro is perhaps a little smoother overall, and maybe also a little more laid back. The same impressions extend to the similarly finished microfiber, . No bleed into mid-range, and speed is amazing. And the mid-range is where the definition and clarity of the HD800S again shows its strengths – but it is the HD600 which appears brighter, and also appears slightly less natural (in the vocal presence area), and its the first time I think I've ever said that about the HD600. Weighing in at 330 grams (without cable), they are very lightweight for a circumaural (over-the-ear) type headphone, and are incredibly comfortable. HD800S comes in a really luxurious package and you do get a pair of HD800 and two cables. The HD800S nails all of these aspects and has a soundstage that is truly ethereal. The balanced mid - treble - bass ratio gives a lifelike feeling to the voices, female voices being not too weighty neither too weightless. Stock cable is expensive and, IMO, degrades the sound. The dynamics and depth of presentation are alls till there – but for my tastes, it is just a little behind the X7 in terms of overall fidelity with the HD800S. Excellent review! The soundstage of HD800 is my personal soundstage benchmark. Extremely comfortable. There is absolutely no attenuation from the outside noise; if you don't have any music playing on while wearing them, you're going to hear things almost as if you're not wearing them at all. Whereas with most headphones I feel that they detract more or less from the space already within the recordings of songs and especially live performances, the HD800’s are spacious to the point that they almost sound exaggerated. That leads us to the HD800 S.  The primary physical difference is that in the hole in the middle of the driver is what appears to be a Helmholtz resonator -- a device that is used to either reduce or emphasise selected frequencies. Balanced, Comfortable, Immersive, Detailed, End game headphone. Lower treble – detailed, extended, maybe slightly on the bright and airy side, but not peaky at all, and in perfect harmony to the rest of the sonic signature. So now I'm thinking I may be smarter to stick with the HD800. But apart from the cables, Sennheiser don’t include any other accessories. LCD2 / LCD4 / HD650 - All of three have a smoother sound with some treble roll off when compared to HD800S. For this section I only really wanted to compare the HD800S to my two favourite open headphones – the legendary HD600 and the Beyerdynamic T1 (original). Without this peak the music can sound muffled, such as with V-MODA's LP series which was designed without the peak for listening loudly to club music. Both sounded very good, very clean, and slightly on the smooth side. There is a balanced cable in another bag, and also the main single ended cable nestling in its own indentation (which is covered by its own foam cover – to keep everything snug and secure). It has a noticeable amount of distance from the ear, and is angled inwards (toward the listener). Many headphones will scratch if i whould putt them on a hard table or something. While it would be great to see some more inclusions, maybe a third shorter cable for desk usage, being a home headphone, the HD800S doesn’t really require a travel case and everything that is included feels built to last. My usual listening level is around 65-75 dB. Why is the HD 800 better for classical over the S? Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping. Clamp force isn’t light but is on the lighter side and the HD800S will stay put when reclining in a chair or generally walking about, but lying down and more vigorous activities will cause them to shift, as expected. For comfort overall, I rank a well broken in HD600 and HD800 pretty similar. Fit and finish is spot on and comfort is almost perfect, I’m glad Sennheiser stuck to their tried and tested design because it simply works exceptionally well. The cable is 3m long (there are two of them), and both utilise silver plated copper wiring which is in balanced configuration (separate signal and ground for each side). Normally 1700 USD – currently at USD1579 (Amazon), 10 to 44100 Hz (-3 dB), 4 to 51000 Hz (-10 dB), Silver plated OFC, balanced, shielded, para-aramid reinforced 3m, Two - 1 x 6.3mm gold plated SE and 1 x XLR 4 balanced, Unfortunately I have no way of properly measuring the HD800S – my measuring system is only designed for IEMs, and I would not attempt to try for crude measurements on such a precision headphone. Sennheiser has been building high quality headphones since 1945 when Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company. The size of the drivers is a similar size to driver’s you would find in speakers. logos. Nothing else, nothing more. This was mostly thanks to Head-Fi friendship with a fellow NZer (Rizki – I still owe you), when I finally got to hear the legendary HD800 and also AKG's new K812, and compare them with my set-up at the time. if any other headphones including those from Fostex and Oppo. great review and spot on sir. The graphs are provided merely as a point of discussion, and later in the review I've included comparisons to other headphones also using Tyll's graphs for similar reference. Its transients are really fast, bass is clean and balanced, treble is clean and balanced, mids are clear and balanced as well. Part of this comfort stems from the wide, soft headband which is well shaped to make maximum contact with the top of your head, dispersing the weight force evenly to prevent hot spots. Nice review! On the other end of the scale, Woo Audio's WA8 has the most syrupy delicious presentation, and my peak amp for both dynamics sounding pleasant is ALO Audio's Studio Six. Expensive? the track but similarly get out of the way during calmer passages. When compared to HD800, HD800S has ever so slightly more bass giving it a slightly fuller sound with a slightly stronger impact. Litejazz53 and JNTEX like this. I like a lot of detail and, but can appreciate a smooth, laid back sound such as that on the X10`s. One thing I wish you'd done is contrast these with the Audeze LCD headphones. Slightly recessed comparative to mid-bass, but enough presence for rumble, and very good impact. Profoundly large soundstage. Ah, so for the sake of accuracy it has to be a no. Sennheiser HD800S reference class headphones $ 1,839 Was $ 2,599 A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. Of course, quality does suffer considerably from a smartphone, even a very good one, as opposed to a dedicated source, but anyone with enough economic bandwidth to invest $2500 in a set of headphones will no doubt have the budget to purchase a dedicated amplifier of some sort. But within the cardboard exterior lies the true unboxing experience, a hard treasure chest like box that hinges open to reveal the headphones nested within a sea of dark velvet. However with a lot of music that sounds a bit too thin through the HD800, the S is more pleasant to listen with. I didn’t notice any intermittency during my testing so I can affirm that Sennheiser’s choice of. Bass is solid and deep; It goes as low as 20Hz and it is not overpowered nor enhanced. is phenomenal, they do justify their lofty price tag with a clear advantage over $1500 headphones such as the B&W P9’s and Oppo PM1’s. And here I am at the end of my time with the HD800S, and it hasn't been a “wow” experience over the last week, but instead a growing realisation that for my tastes, this headphone does very little (if anything) wrong, and everything (for my tastes) right. I think that HD800 sounded good with FiiO K5 as well. The HD800 was always described by others as needing a synergistic source and amp combo to get the best out of them. For the purposes of this review – I have used the HD800S out of many sources – including my iDSD (desktop), FiiO X7, L&P LP5, and utilised both solid state amplifiers (FiiO K5 + E17K, and iFi iDSD) and tube amplifiers (LD MKIV and Venture Electronics Enterprise. When the HD800S starts shipping I suspect that some buyers are going to want to sell the Sennheiser balanced cable that comes with it because they only have a single-ended amp. Listening to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon revealed similar findings. Tonally balance, more natural sounding, better timbre reproduction, Soundstage negatively affected, airiness reduced, soundstage, imaging, excitement of sounds, Sound quality, packaging, comfort, long listening pleasure, balanced cable, Imaging, Inner Detail, Natural Decay and Instrumental Timbre, Comfort, Massive Soundstage, does all the cooking and cleaning, One more cable than most people need, a little pricey, hard to put down at the end of the evening when you really need to get some sleep,,,,, It has also slowly become my main headphone by default. SENNHEISER HDVA600 CARDAS CLEAR XLR HD800S Must say that the XLR stock cable that comes with the HD800S is also very good. Overall the HD800S is a headphone which has amazing levels of vocal clarity, but also enough bottom end to sound completely natural, and maybe ever so slightly warm. There should be no loss in soundstage over the HD 800 right? For my tastes it is a perfect pairing with the HD800S and one that I feel no need to look at upgrading. But that's all it does – portray honestly – neither enhancing or masking. So there could be some balanced HD800 cables on the used market soon. /pad/cover during the review I will note that and describe the sound changes. Since the size of the cups was so big, I felt really comfortable without having to play around with the fit too much. Again, the enormous soundstage really does grand action scenes justice whilst slightly accentuated clarity illuminates quiet dialogue. In that time, I got to hear and own the AKG K701/702, DT880, RS1, SRH1840, HD700 and HD600. Starting with the headband assembly, it consists of a 22mm width of sprung stainless steel which has the serial number and model designation engraved in it. For me nothing has captured me like the HD800S has. While the effect isn’t quite pronounced as with the ie800, perhaps due to in-ears being especially prone to this phenomena, the HD800S does still have an incredibly resolving sound which reveals a similar amount of detail without fatigue. The Hi-Resolution logo adorns the front denoting the headphone’s audio prowess, and I can assure you that it is very much deserved. Even XB700 is quite comfortable if we're talking about comfort alone. With HD800S, the cymbals sound alive and any drummer who hears HD800S will tell you next second that this is how a cymbal should sound. , squeaks or feelings of hollowness despite light-weight. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sennheiser also goes on to describe their new absorber technology innovation which is designed to absorb resonance so that bass will not mask higher frequencies, and also prevents any higher peaks in the lower treble. The company was formed in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser and seven fellow engineers, and their first product was actually a voltmeter. I know these aren't your cup of tea - but beyond the lack of comfort you find with the LCDs, it would be great to hear your sonic perspectives on the comparison. And if so is it super noticeable? The Sennheiser HD 800 are known by … There are still some differences, but neither is universally better. In terms of sonic ability, the T1 is slightly brighter and peakier overall – with the HD800S having no less clarity and resolution, but a more balanced signature overall. Only if I was a millionare :/. I have almost 200 hours on my set and they continue to improve...! I may have spoken too soon! Improving on a seemingly perfect formula is not a task undertaken lightly, but Sennheiser’s engineers have succeeded in enhancing still further the sound reproduction in the open, circum-aural HD 800 S. The HD600 remains for me the one headphone I've consistently gone back to, and that never ceases to wow me. Message. ie800 is more colored albeit I do like it's coloration of sound, but HD800 feels like the idea benchmark for a perfect colorless and transparent sound. OCC Silver Plated Cable for Sennheiser Headphones - Handmade in UK. Our Verdict. Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current set-up. In addition, due to the exceptional soundstage, complex passages are reproduced with ease and refinement; the HD800S oozes that character of effortlessness that is often only glimpsed by lower end gear. I have extensively tested myself (ABX) and I find aac256 or higher to be completely transparent. Soundstage is without a doubt the strongest aspect of the HD800’s sound; it’s the largest, most separated sounding headphones that I have ever heard. Male voices come with the texture presented in a live performance and HD800S was able to recover the correct weight to each octave type of male voice - which is amazing for any headphone - given how easily it is to overshot a bass male voice or how often a tenor sounds sibilant or weightless. Each of the yokes has a left and right designator printed in silver on the rear, and adjacent to this is the cable socket. Tracks used were across a variety of genres – and can be viewed in this list. The HD800s has introduced a similar acoustical absorber to that of Sennheiser’s flagship In Ear Monitor - the IE800. For most people, the price will be a barrier, Soundstage, Soundstage, Soundstage/End to end extension/Bass texture/Resolving mids/Clarity without fatigue/Amazing comfort/Build is great, Proprietary cable connectors/3M cable is a bit cumbersome even at home/Limited isolation/Require a solid source, For those who are just getting into audio or are not familiar with Sennheiser (you should be! I fall very much in the latter camp – and the one thing I always liked about some of the Colour-ware HD800 mods was how good the black looked. They had an HD800 connected to a WA22, but I was able to easily switch the connection to FiiO E12, Matrix M-Stage and Chord Hugo. Female voices have a certain sweetness to them, air, and they come off as natural. I love the 800S, but that is VERY misleading. but are well suited towards home use, they give you some slack to move about and recline. There is no question about this; HD800S is the most comfortable headphone I had ever tested in my entire life. Skip to main content What Hi-Fi? I have it almost 2 months and i dont have even single micro scratch. The HD800S take that same quality and balance but also brings male vocals just a little more forward in the mix, perfect! Adding a Transparent Audio Powerbank 2 also adds a bit more bass. Adding shorter cables with individual one for right and one for left balanced connectors increases the sound stage. is sound. Listening to a live recording of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and the amount of space portrayed was almost akin to being right there in the crowd. sennheiser  The first time I heard an HD800 was when AVstore was still in their old headquarters. There is a USB stick in the box, but no spare pads nor any other spare parts. As a result, they also don’t leak as much sound and provide just a hint of extra isolation which helps maintain a coherent low-end response. The weight is not too high nor too low, due to the weight distribution system working really well you won't feel any fatigue from wearing HD800S albeit they weight a hefty 330 grams. Opening the case reveals the new look HD800S in all its glory, safely nestled in a form fitting foam enclosure covered with black satiny material. It also helps to centre the headphones when placing them on the stand. The earcups are well ventilated, so your ears won’t get too hot. Overall the balance, tonality and timbre are simply sublime, and all I could personally want in a headphone. While on this band in particular has a lot of details hidden in their tracks that can be heard much better with better headphones, HD800S is on an entirely new level, you are able to hear clear textures and dents in the waves. I mentioned in my previous comparison of the T1 and HD600 vs the original HD800 that it was probably a headphone that I'd end up getting long term – but that it wasn't a priority issue at the time. While the Beyerdynamics pack a bit more bass, the Sennheisers sound less sharp while still creating an immersive soundstage. I really like the details and writing on HD800S, and their build quality, but it looks quite frail and unfortunately I would have a hard time taking it out of the house and I consider it's transportation to be a problem as well. I don't say audiophile – I just love my music. I had the chance to try the Oppo with the HD800 and my conclusion was that the pairing was not the right one under many aspects: the HD800 sound was terribly dull and flat. You're kidding right Brooko? © Sound Media Group. Spent the next 2 hours trouble shooting - including changing cables. Whilst headphones with more padded earpads do have a more immediate. Both cables are 3M in length and feature a strong braid with fabric sheathing on top. This is, to a degree, why planar magnetic headphones have become popular, as they can avoid this. It's shocking when some songs that weren't that special become a true masterpiece when played back through HD800S and this effect works incredibly well with any type of music. headphones clamp stronger the further they are bent out, but the Sennheisers comfortably accommodate larger head sizes. The midrange of H800S is absolutely free of color and HD800S is the most transparent headphone I tried to date. Not only is the design technically fantastic, but the large cups and light-weight design makes them highly pleasant to listen with, even for long periods of time (issues with the frequency response not withstanding). And I have to admit when I originally spent time with the original HD800, I liked it best out of my LD MKIV OTL tube amp. Also I'll be using them on my Casio Privia PX 160 digital piano. I would love to get one for myself but I can only listen to an open back headphone at limited times of the day and HD800S requires quite a strong amplification to be driven well. And that is where the HD800S strength lies for me – brilliance in overall resolution yet without the overall brightness which now seems a little unnatural with the T1. When fed with high-bitrate and lossless, however, the sound really is sublime. It certainly had issues: the treble at 6k is sinfully hot, it's exceptionally amp-picky and the presentation is clinical and brighter than neutral. Nevertheless, the bass didn't really distort even when heavily enhanced, but to get the best bass and control over it you need a good amp pairing for HD800S. I didn’t notice the indent during wearing, it did not affect the comfort at all. Besides them being open back, there isn't much to actually say - they feel like wearing a few feathers on your head - their clamping force is not that high so you're probably not going to move too much with them on, but they stay pretty secured for walking and normal movements (won't fall from your heard with normal movements). But value will be relative to individual perception, and as I stated in my title – these are end-game for me (essentially they tick every one of my boxes). Crystal clear mid-range which equally portrays amazing timbre and depth in both male and female vocals. The original HD800 was pretty bass light and the spike in the upper registers made it slightly hard to listen. This is the exact sound of a live cymbal. For the record – on most tracks, during my listening evaluation the volume level on the HD800S measured at the ear was around 60-70dB A-weighted. There is a while going on with multiple guitar notes in Dance Gavin Dance and La Dispute compositions that otherwise come as a single guitar or a masked fuzzy sound. Accurate imaging. Inside the cups, under the fancy two-layer dust cover there are plenty of surfaces which can reflect sound and potentially introduce harshness, such as the metal ring securing the driver, the metal back grill and the plastic surfaces. While there is a slight mid bass hump and an ever so slightly enhancement of the bass, coming from ie800 makes HD800S sound linear and balanced. Interestingly enough when I had it at a NZ Head-Fi Meet a couple of years ago, there were two sources at my table which proved very popular with the HD800 – the Little Dot, and also the L&P LP5 DAP. With added extension (particularly into the bass, a touch more warmth, and a reduction in the peak at 6 kHz, Sennheiser has addressed some of the perceived shortcomings of the earlier model. While I’m sure many will prefer the treble response on the ie800 and original HD800, the HD800S doesn’t exhibit that splashy character that affected the ie800 and, while still ever so slightly on the thinner side, treble remains far more consistent; it just takes a few hours of adjustment coming from brighter headphones/earphones and vice versa for darker gear. With this set-up, the movie was totally immersive, and TBH I'd prefer utilising the HD800 than using our modest Sony speaker set-up at home. Like the absolute most comfortable headphone I had the honor of placing on my head. The only significant drawbacks are that they're open and some folks can't use an open back headphone and the price. Mindless Self Indulgence combines certain saw sines and square sines to obtain their sound and while I don't know how those were mastered, they show only on revealing headphones, HD800 being at the top of the chain when it comes to this. In terms of imaging, they both perform incredibly well with very precise positional cues – but the HD800 has a slightly larger sound-stage in terms of width, depth and height. Black Dragon Premium Headphone Cable V2 is the ULTIMATE choice for your Sennheiser HD800s or HD820 headphones. The HD800S is slightly brighter than neutral overall but due to their very linear sculpting, I still wouldn’t consider them a bright headphone, especially with Grado and Alessandro headphones out there. But that’s not much of a surprise, good sounding headphones are always relatively balanced, rather it’s the way the HD800S retains Sennheiser’s house sound whilst also maintaining, that sets them apart from other headphones that sound flatter but less engaging or more coloured but perhaps overly so, limiting versatility.