@machead3 : sorry for the late replay. Here is what you can do if your Mac screen is flashing or flickering: Screen flickering issue, fixes. Turning it back on, the screen now had thin green lines overlayed over the apple logo boot screen. I tried command + R alone, and it not work. Can you provide a serial number for reference? Hi @vondohlen I'm glad that it helped you. Thanks. alexdrummerspain 3,265 views. Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor. Now the horizontal lines are gone. Thank you very much for your help. Had a dramatic problem where the MBP would start up, having bluish line on the apple logo then would enter a gray or blue screen. are worth reading nonethless; may give you some leverage even with Apple since the current screen was replaced just over a year ago I>n my book to have it fail again (if it has) is not acceptable. This was resolved when the screen was at 40 degrees. Repeat as necessary. And I've tried to reset the ram but nothing happen and I still got the white screen. Saved $500 or new laptop. I'm not sure if that model MacBook is as user friendly when it comes to accessing internal connections; certainly where the display ribbon connections are located. When I try to wait, my MBP starting to get hot and the fan speed is increasing. Update the OS on your Mac. See attached. Just press on the LCD screen with your both the thumbs on two different places. To see if the screen … I don't think it's fair that Apple want to charge near enough £300. I still got the same white screen. It was all good after that. The following technique can be completed in about 15 minutes total, and doesn’t require you to disassemble the entire logic board. I had the same issue but just fixed now. Disconnect, clean and reconnect. 04/14/2017 by ), will that work alone? Progress bar goes about half way, then it goes to grey screen for a couple of minutes and then black and then back to grey windo … read more Even if the posted warranty is say 3yrs... you have the extended one - i.e. I took it to the Apple store. I prob have not connected it firmly when I reassembled after baking. Suddenly my MBP won't boot and horizontal lines appear at apple logo and than freezes with white screen. Powered back on and it just hangs on this screen. Gently lift the clip that connects each fan to the logic board. If this Answer is helpful please remember to return and mark it Accepted. (I hope it's not the logic board because it's really-really too expensive for me). It had a message in the center of the screen that said to push the power button to power off in several languages. Shut down your Mac by going Apple menu >Shutdown. It's quite annoying when watching video or movie. I'm thinking that this is a hardware issue, and have read that perhaps this is due to a loose connection. I went thru login and process bar. I've tried the external monitor method, and I got the same white screen at the external monitor. It worked on my 2011 MacBook and my HP dv7. I had this problem as well,conducted all types of test to include internal hardware. I would first try that then disable the GPU as a last resort. I went thru another boot up but this time all the way to where I got frozen and kicked off. originalmachead Judd Maroney, Hey Judd, not sure what you mean exactly. What are the risks of not doing the hardware fix? No risk in not doing it, but if you run the tool and still have issues, the resistor removal will be required. I'm having an issue with my brand new MacBook Pro. Restarting. 01/08/2018 by Other explanations could include problems with the video board or logic board. I certainly can't afford to take it to Apple. And none of them seem to have worked at all, 08/23/2017 by Video of the issue:https://imgur.com/a/aUNVd47. :). originalmachead. Record any error messages it reports - come back here with them. If the components or the connection between them is faulty, a number of errors may occur, including your MacBook Pro having horizontal lines on screen. They ran a diagnostic. Horizontal lines over logo, Doesn't boot no matter what i tried, PRAM Reset, SMC Reset, Verbose mode, Safe boot - none worked. Jukka Heikkinen. I'm thinking this is not a good sign and should start saving and shopping for a new unit. I had an iPad replaced (with a new one) when it was at least a year out of standard Apple warranty; and an iPhone repaired (free) when that too had just passed out warranty period... Later the iPhone went duff again (there was a repeat problem with touch screen as I recall) and this time they offered me a deal to replace the phone for a notional sum - which I accepted. connected to my WiFi for internet w password. Such So dont forget to take the speaker out. Does anyone have any suggestions? RMM method is not applicable to Nvidia models. But as I say it may simply be a problem with the connectors at one end or t'other; or even the ribbon cable itself. I apologize that my original post is not accurate. :D, Anyway, thank you machead3. If the RAM you are using is ok, everything should back to normal. Originally, I got a lot of tiling, appeared to fix itself and within minutes it turned black like going into sleep mode. The same thing happens if I try to launch recovery, internet recovery, or … adambarscheski, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — I baked the motherbords for 8min @ 375F. The heat and fans lead me to think this may be what's going on but best to connect to an external monitor to confirm or deny that supposition. If anyone knows how to fix this please contact me back, Also I've tried almost everything on here that involved resetting something. THANK YOU! There are several steps you can perform to resolve screen flickering issues on a Mac. Then it restarted by itself. If you see the same lines on that screen it points to a VGU/VGC (logic board) problem. I copied the wrong link. He tried a process which he called "reflow" the gpu, i think. My 2012 Macbook Pro died in early November which timed perfectly with the 16" launch. (Grey screen/black screen). Thank you. Don’t leave your MacBook unattended during this ten minute period. Real Mac Mods. This was taken in 2013, and repair was done. Waited them to cool of and baked them again for 8 min at 375F!!!!!!!!!! This baking trick is common for gamers who blow up their graphic cards. However, from the last few months, it has been noticed that the Mac screens suddenly start flickering either in multiple color lines or horizontal lines/blocks. Is it only to avoid problems after your reset SMC and/or NVRAM? (Sorry Real Mac Mods - you were my last resort and I didn't have to try it.) Jukka Heikkinen. Running latest OSX Sierra Any advice or … Then show the loggin with a white background and the green lines. It looks very bad when you buy a MacBook with such a heavy cost and its screen starts flickering randomly. So new logic board wont solve the basic issue. Update- mine failed again after 3 hrs from initial fix; apple genius told me its dead w video test failed. i'm not sure if i followed the steps precisely but removing the RAM and messing around with it worked magic :)) thanks again. Provided the item has not been mishandled/abuse that is the rule. and liability for the content of Computing.Net and its accuracy. Inside, you’ll see two fans, each with a small wire that clips onto the logic board. Thank you!!!!!!! Acnotrinity SE, chriswku03 08/08/2017 by There are tons of tutorials on youtube/online. Just wanted to ask about the Hardware mod mentioned on the Real Mac Mods website. I had nothing to lose so cleaned the heat sinks on thermal plates and bake the logic board at 375F for 7.5 min. Thanks again! That's what it seems to be, unless it's OS corruption of the HD. But when I boot on the windows everything's work fine. Apple warranties these items free of charge. I hear it booting up, but it keeps doing the same thing. Just yesterday I noticed the horizontal lines across the screen. 09/19/2013 by Yeah solve the problem at 50% i see the display line screen problem happen when my mac is cold i use an app : TG PRO TEMPERATURE to boost my processor and after 2-3 mins bossted everything doing good and i can use my mac, or i open the app required a lot ram processor to warm my processor and after i can use it!! No OS-X on HDD. The only way I know to test that would be to pull the HD and try to boot from another source (optical disk, external or Network drive) If that boot is white screen it confirms logic board and eliminates HD OR, put the HD in an external case and try to boot another Mac from it. Wow, im glad to hear someone was saved by baking. Following the Link shows that only the 15" Models are covered and not my 2011 Late 17", 11/18/2017 by Is it necessary? My internet was down. 15". I've tried the hd method. https://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro... https://realmacmods.com/macbook-2011-rad... Red horizontal lines display right after you startup, it will go on to show you the apple (still in red horizontal lines), then it show the gray screen, and your fans start running like crazy. MacBook will thermal shutdown at 100C solder melts at 200ish C. You are not melting solder. I wanted to add comment for another issue someone mentioned above about green screen. Since the replacement of my power cable I've had zero problems. I have green screen and artifacts on start up . Check with Which and also have a serious chat with Apple...? I have exactly the same issues. Very odd problem..... it's clearly something to do with memory and the system getting in an odd state. This "fix" will last between 30 days and 6 months. Dropped 2007 MacBook Pro Is it worth fixing, Horizontal lines on Toshiba laptop screen, what causes a black horizontal line on the sc, Macbook Pro keyboard not working in windows 7 BIOS. Remember, don’t leave the laptop unattended after the fans are unplugged. WORKS!! In a working state after overnight and being attached to external thunderbolt display. This stays for a moment – until the loading scroll bar reaches about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way across – and then the screen goes grey. Take the bottom cover off and plug the fans back in (they clip DOWN, kind of like a snap). Some users are experiencing an ongoing display issue, primarily affecting Penryn-based MacBook Pros. Screw that. @machead3 : sorry for another late replay. Also, it you put the faulty RAM in and take it out, even though you are sure the RAM is OK, the problem still exist without doing the process that I just described. I guess the heat was able to melt the appropriate connectors and now it has resent the GPU as working. Greg Wright, thanks a lot it worked great for my mac. Nothing special about it. After receiving the new battery the issue persists. :D. I've just been through the same mess, details description of issue is as follow: If you switch to Windows OS you'll be able to run on safe-mode, and the screen look like... well you know. If MacBook pro vertical lines on startup and you can't fix it at Apple repair store: it may be a good idea to seek a third party. Horizontal lines on laptop screen and BSOD. If your Mac doesn't start up all the way or needs you to do something during startup, it might stop at one of these screens. The laptop itself hasn't been dropped or handled badly, so I am unsure what brought this on. I have to do it every time when I restarts the machine. I saw this YouTube video, pressed alt after restarting to get to hard disk not recovery disk. It was a combination of command+R and removing memory and replacing memory. Then restarted by itself. And again thank you. Solder melt at 360F so 375F is ideal. Real Mac Mods. I ended up finding realmacmods. Model: A1706. I couldn't even get to the disk utility screen. Everything worked fine for the first 4 days. The VGU is soldered to the logic board - so unless you had (spent extra $) to have a professional try to confirm/replace just the VGU a logic board replace (carries a new VGU) would be the DIY repair. Certainly lean on Apple quoting UK/EEC consumer rights law; and even get Which involved too? This problem just surfaced on my Late 2011 MacBook Pro 15" with Nvidia card. Hi, sorry my response isn't completely accurate. Pretty much confirms its graphics/logic board problem. Late 2011 MBP. You should be able to have it fixed for free. Overtime ( 3-5 minutes) it will develop horizontal lines, ghosting, and then freezes altogether. And well dun (done) Apple for abiding by the rules. Jeyven Sean, I seemed to have gotten the model of the laptop wrong. If you're not a member of Which perhaps start a membership to get that legal support; and then stay with Which for a while - or longer; or after a couple of months cancel out? I was just about to bake my system control board in the oven when I did a verbose boot and googled some of the messages I saw. Your Mac shows an Apple logo when it finds your local startup disk, which is a startup disk built into your Mac or directly connected to your Mac. I'll mark this answer accepted. Let it recycle for until get to start up screen. Computing.Net and Compnet Ventures, LLC hereby disclaim all responsibility Baking logic board will reset solder if cracked, new heat sink will keep it cool. Was able to boot Cmd-S, Cmd-R, but always after they started to load up went back to gray or blue screen. Google "radeongate.". When I try to update my original post with the instructions I used, I get flagged as spam. After 10 minutes, turn off the MacBook and let it cool down. Then I tried your (option -control-R) & finally got the vibrant blue screen, went back to the (option-control-R-P) and it finally came back to life. MBP A1286. And restart turning it's self off and back on again. Its delicate piece so be careful. Is this something that I can fix myself? Result? Your post looks fine to me. In most cases forcing your Mac to restart helps to fix it if your Mac won’t … It fixed for me but came back again on next restart. Nvidia was the 2010's. This will dump and reset settings for anything power management related, and is long known to resolve problems with things like fans, heat, sleeping problems, and of course, display issues. Thank you again, I don't have the $ for a new computer right now. Did SMC reset, Pram reset, replaced RAM chips, nothing worked. I still have that replacement three or more years on. In total, you’ll be un-clipping two wires (one on each fan). I am glad to tell you that Apple accepted the repair through consumer rights law. Like the SMC PMC all those things. I only have 4 gigs total RAM, maybe I should increase that, it seems easy, though I've never tried to open this computer. The root cause for me was a POS (Piece of ...) Radeon display controller. It can also be repeated as needed if the issues pop up again. Stuck on grey window that has lines with apple. I have a late Macbook 2011 and this worked for me, I just happened to run into this solution and found it worked. Just yesterday I noticed the horizontal lines across the screen. That being said if you have a Late 2011 with Nvidia, you have something special. Run AHT test 2 or 3 times to see what problems it finds. It did it while simply browsing the web. Third I plug my MBP hd to my friend MBP, and everything was fine. Since the past 3 months I have been observing horizontal flickering lines appear on my MacBook Pro 13 inch with Touch Bar (2017 model). I got $10 silver thermal paste w cleanimg solutions. If that doesn't work, try a Safe Boot. Finally wrapped the MBP in a blanket and left it on so it would overheat and shut off. trvlr, thank you very much for your detailed help. There could be several reasons for the horizontal lines. Sorry for my bad english. The information on Computing.Net is the opinions of its users. Not sure how long this will last. For those of you that have narrowed your issue down to the graphics card, there is an easy way to fix it (at least temporarily). Xavier, Your link to the known issue saved my life!! The issue was loose graphic cable. Reboot on recovery mode, (press and hold: command + R), Then it will display a crappy screen again still the apple sign. Mac screen flickering can be caused by different issues. I noticed that my power cable was slightly damaged at which I had it repaired but I continue to have the same problem so I decided to replace the original 85 watts power cable (from Amazon). If it’s not the battery (or if you can’t access the system report at the moment to check), … As soon as it shut off I repeated again, then the boot up screen appeared fine. It does the same thing as Jeyven Sean. Mine does. *This is not a permanent fix. Great post tulu, wonder how many other Macs would have been solved with this, instead of apple saying your GPU is bad. Turn off and unplug your MacBook. This fixed the problem on my Macbook Pro 15" early 2011, thank you!!! This screen might alternate with a blank screen … That is good news - well dun you for sticking with it. (Macbook Pro 2012), 07/29/2019 by View 1 Replies View Related IMac :: Get Horizontal Faint Lines On My Monitor Nov 10, 2008 Upon reassembled, the horizontal lines gone, slow but started up all the way where crashed. Connect to an external monitor. My MBP is also restarting anytime now if I leave it in idle state or move it from one place to another. I had a screen issue just over a year ago which was due to a manufacturing fault so it was replaced/repaired by Apple for free, but now I have another issue so soon after. Thank you very much for such detailed replies - much appreciated! Its on the upper right corner with black ribbon & wide flat cable w lever, next to left fan. https://www.macrumors.com/guide/fle... Apple when pressed will consider it (they do know about it but often like to keep shush about it...). Loose Connection If your MacBook Pro has blacked-out, grayed-out, flickering or faded horizontal lines going across its screen, the problem most likely is due to a poor connection between the laptop's display and its internal … But still the same result. In the end, I reset the SMC and it fixed all the issues. I couldn't have done it without your help. Is it really the logic board problem? Nothing happen. They have replaced the whole screen, not just the ribbon cable as expected. 02/20/2018 by It went thru the same login and everything, then went to blue vertical lines screen this time. MacBook Pro :: Small Thin Horizontal Lines On Screen Display Sep 10, 2014. Thank you, I might not have followed everything properly, and I didn't touch the RAM, but I was getting a dark , almost black screen, when I re-booted, it had green & pink vertical stripes. The most likely is simply the age of the machine and the way it has been used in the past — probably something related to burn-in. I did a hard boot, then got a gray screen with the Apple symbol with lines that were uneven. Not a genius I had a similar issue where a 2011 Macbook Pro 8.2 would restart on its own. Please try this! This solution has worked for many users. Jeyven Sean Thanks in advance. The problem isn’t consistent. Return the the bottom cover and screw it back in. I had to ship it to Pegatron in the Czech Republic, and their turnaround was less than a week. After restarting i see gray horizontal lines w Apple logo, logined w password and went thru process bar then white blank screen,, then after a bit shuts off itself. @bcconnection. Remove the screws on the bottom of your MacBook and remove the cover. Instructions are: This method essentially “reflows” the solder without a complete disassembly or the use of an oven. I forgot to remove my left speaker so it melted but only $10 part. To backup, restart while holding the T key for 45 seconds (no matter how the screen looks). I also try to boot with recovery hd (holding down option key than choose recovery hd) but it freezes again with white screen. Thank god it isn’t broken. adambarscheski. This time it went passed to my start up screen. Fixed my 17" MacBook Pro (late 2011 or 2012)! Hi, My 2009 iMac displayed this screen today. Will the software fix solve the problem without doing the hardware fix? I have tried the Cmd-S until it said 'hard drive appears to be ok.' Same thing. I've spoken to Apple a million times and even brought it in and they find no faults. Circle with a line through it Learn what to do if your Mac starts up to a circle with a line through it (prohibitory symbol).