let’s keep it brief for now and see what you have to say or add when I’m done: This one is a no-brainer. Copyright 2008-2019 | Save Jersey Advertising, LLC. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz even sent out a last-minute fundraising pitch referring to rival Trump as his friend. I’m an unapologetically pro-life Catholic who believes that all life is valuable and that we should judge a people, in large part, by how well they treat their most vulnerable members. It is a fete or happy gathering of people. Change is such an overused word that we have to drive it home to people, thus this political slogan shows what real change is really about. 12. Sometimes that’s true. And thank God for it, right? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. By Maddie Crum. Excessive self-application is boorish at best and, at worst, a huge turnoff to otherwise persuadable voters. Where’s RINO on the list??? But they need to understand that like “saint,” “patriot” is an honorific designation in colloquial usage. On the Democratic side, Sanders used my good friend as a jab against two targets simultaneously. “Low-hanging fruit – it’s so overused and 90% of the time isn’t as easy as the cliche makes it sound,” explained one respondent. You’ll know because they’re promising something that’s impossible: a centralized, one-size-fits-all distribution scheme that’s supposed to guarantee an “equality” based outcome for everyone. Every December, publications start coming … Our last list of ten overused (or downright useless) words and phrases in American politics did pretty well, Save Jerseyans, so I decided to compile Volume II for your enjoyment and enlightenment. The cliché has actually taken a beating in political circles for its ubiquity. Individuals do. In many case, those folks actually worked harder which is why they’ve risen up through the ranks to the corner office. Do not deviate from them! Carly Fiorina tried that tack, as well, at the undercard debate. And because one of my visitors asked for an alternative, I added value proposition to the list. Moreover, most of our own society’s great cultural advances – emancipation, suffrage, civil rights – were all spearheaded by Republicans. By TIM MAK. 19th-century "We are all Republicans – we are all Federalists", Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address in 1801. This is the most meaningless, hallow phrase of’em all. "In terms of polling, guess what?" Again, when you break it down logically, it’s simply not logical to operate under the assumption that true equality is universally reducible to quantity. A wonderful recent example  of the “common good” turning into a commonly-shared disaster is Obamacare. I’m not saying this is a good trend. Kasich, whose stump speech touts his 18 years in Congress and current statehouse tenure. Even well-meaning people make mistakes. Moreover, “groups” don’t have rights. 9. Presidential candidates frequently describe their humble beginnings to show they're worthy of the nation's high office. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? Ohio Gov. Unfortunately, I suspect we could easily make it to Volume XXVI without reaching too deeply. U.S. However, our political class has really embraced the habit, using the same buzz words with alarming regularity. It implies that the millionaire CEO, hard-working accountant or industrious owner of a growing small business somehow labor less intensely – or honestly – than other employees. report. Virtually all of Cruz's rival have used similar rhetoric, despite long careers in elected office. And this phrase is just plain overused, one TNT staffer said. So that’s why we used our Twitter to ask people to share the overused words and phrases they are utterly sick of hearing, and our fans did not hold back. "It is what it is" is the one I hate the most. I can’t believe it is not on the list. At the end of the day. (Really hate someone? "We are running ahead of Secretary Clinton in terms of taking on my good friend, Donald Trump, beating him by 19 points in New Hampshire, 13 points in the last national poll that I saw.". Ronald Reagan famously joked that “[t]he nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Government is supposed to safeguard opportunity, not outcome. Already planning the follow up list!! According to Grammarphobia, at the end of the day has been used for decades, and first citings can even be traced to as early as the 1880’s. NEWS CORONAVIRUS POLITICS 2020 ELECTIONS ENTERTAINMENT LIFE PERSONAL VIDEO SHOPPING. This infographic highlights 44 such terms, so nondescript and ubiquitous that many barely even notice their meaningless existence. You can fight civilly. And on climate change, "If we do not act boldly and decisively, a bad situation will become worse.". 7 very tired political cliches. “Compromise is never a good unto itself.” Thank you. And even the easiest approach might lead down a bumpy road. "The only poll that counts is on Election Day," "It all comes down to turnout" and other favorite political cliché - Donations! And I noticed we use tons of jargon and cliches. Search Amazon.com: Purchase: Account - Platinum Upgrade - New Avatar - Other's Avatar - Archives - No-Ads - New Username - Banner Advertisement - Smilie - Stick Thread - Gift Cert. hide. no comments yet. So, for a break from serious COVID news and discussions this week, here is part 5 of the NAF jargon series, where we examine annoying and overused jargon, and then come up with other phrases we should use instead, until those jargon themselves become annoying. Calling someone a "friend" on the campaign trail is generally not a sign things are going well. Principle. Diversity of thought, experience, perspective… all valuable in their own way. U.S. Canada U.K. Australia Brazil España France Ελλάδα (Greece) India Italia 日本 (Japan) 한국 (Korea) Quebec. It's a favorite in House and Senate floor debate and virtually every congressional news conference. Last but not least is the most overused term of all. This is not necessarily a list of historical quotes, but phrases that have been commonly referenced or repeated within various political contexts. share. Following the 2016 election cycle, where a billionaire reality television star took American politics by storm, some words will just never be the same. My karma: "my time has come" 27.8k. #4: Circle back. Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina used a version of it in the January 28 undercard debate. I want to crush them, to drive them before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Edition. In any event, the end result of the Left’s devotion to their diversity results, curiously, results in less of my definition of diversity. ", Speaking in Iowa on January 26 Trump explained, "When it comes to pro-life, I've evolved.". I can only think of two relatively objective ways to measure the success of a society: the prosperity of its people and the freedoms enjoyed by its people. "I feel like I need a Washington-to-English dictionary converter," declared the New Jersey governor. About the only GOP hopeful proud to be a career politician is Ohio Gov. Nobody's done it more than Cruz. In the waning hours before Iowa Caucus votes come in, here are some of the well-worn and tired phrases candidates and pundits are using: Perhaps the most tired of political clichés, it's the standard spin move of candidates who trail in polls. Forgot to include a few biggies…. Rubio used it four times in the span of a few minutes. 5) “War on Women” and “A woman’s right to choose”. No bureaucrat can make that decision for me. We do, after all, live in an ever-shrinking sound bite world, Save Jerseyans, and some of those bites are less substantive than others. The phrase I am most tired of hearing is ____ quality/action should disqualify candidate X from the race. A politicians' euphemism to explain their shifts on issues when it becomes politically convenient. A turning point came in December 2014 just before the Louisiana Senate runoff. – is somehow NOT compassionate. The Texas senator used it to push back against queries over unreported loans to his 2012 Senate campaign from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. What this all boils down to abortion, and if anyone seriously thinks a political party or movement insisting women have a “right” to kill their children is legitimate then good God, folks, we’re further gone than I ever believed possible. NBC's First Read wrote recently, "Yes, this is a cliché -- but it's also true: Trump and Sanders need a new turnout to win Iowa, while Clinton and Cruz need a traditional turnout. Clinton is leaning on the phrase particularly hard as she fends off a stronger-than-expected Democratic primary challenge from Sanders. Jeb Bush deployed it against his protégé-turned-presidential rival, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. Posted by 2 days ago. BOOKS 04/14/2014 07:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 22 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate. image caption Party leaders talk about talks Here are our top 10 favourite phrases. “NO-BRAINER”It’s not rocket science or thinking outside the box to note that overused clichés are meant to stifle communication rather than facilitate it. Compromise is never a good unto itself. standing by (not a typo, this is for another meaning ) if you are using to describe witnesses just say people saw what happened instead of people were standing by. Everyone having the same number of cars? Both of them. That's what all of the polling backs up. Let's get rid of abortion once and for all by applying the Fifth, and Fourteenth amendment to every person from conception.". told a group of campaign volunteers Saturday, Want to sound like a true politician? Which of these phrases do you find most overused in movies? Business words and phrases leap from creative to trite faster than you can say value proposition. As a content creator, that’s the last thing you want to happen. More than often it’s most certainly not true. When did women drinking wine become such a trope? Blue-rays? chalked up a victory- won. As a journalist and the son of a (now retired) English teacher, I can't stand cliches, overused words and phrases that make no sense. A poll by ur22567331. Examples: (Reporter) is going to tell you about this in 3 minutes, we have a (lawyer, political analyst etc) in the newsroom to tell you more in 2 minutes. President Barack Obama famously "evolved" into supporting same-sex marriage, and now Trump is relying on it to explain his shift on abortion. New Jersey's #1 Source of Conservative News, Commentary, Humor & Analysis, Were you in the mood for a rant today? This is the most meaningless, hallow phrase of’em all. To track down a political candidate to a public event and get in a position to ask him/her questions on issues they would rather not talk about, and to ask follow-up questions if answers are evasive. On the other end of the political spectrum, Sanders used the most recent Democratic debate to talk up his democratic socialist economic plan.