Changes in quantity and quality are interconnected, a change in quality also involves quantitative change. One quality good or service is often worth at least 100 … But other important factors are not so easy to quantify. “The quality of your communication equals the quality of your life” – Anthony Robbins. Productivity and quality are both required and highly regarded in all organizations worldwide. the reason is that better quality means better feedback and better evaluation, but where quality doesn't count, managers would be impressed by seeing more amount of the work just Done!! Quantity: What do you Think is Best? Since the rise of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, consumerism and the idea of quantity over quality has increased dramatically. [NeedAdvice] Quality vs. It’s about making a choice, and I think it’s always better to make it in favor of quality rather than quantity. For a very long time, quantity over quality has sometimes caused arguments. The teams are Quality vs. Both productivity and efficiency are absolutely crucial for building a fantastic work ethic. How do you balance the numbers with the less tangible aspects of what an employee brings to the workplace? When taking a look at the numbers, at first glance it can seem obvious whether or not you’re meeting your goals—sales numbers, number of projects completed per hours, the number of returning customers. How do we lead by example and help our teams focus on quality service? Quality is the measure of a product's flawlessness and excellence. Quality of work, not quantity of workers, is key to increasing UK productivity. That the quality of your creative work is so much… To put it in simpler terms, we are talking about differences between quantity and quality. There’s no better way to learn than with real-world examples—and the recent NICE Systems customer discussion is the perfect source. People, whether in the corporate world or any other aspect, would argue over which is better: quality or quantity. If keeping up with back office staffing and resource ... Tweets by @NICE_CX This story from the book Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland popped up in a favorite technology blog yesterday:. I would choose Quality of Work. Others lack quality as a priority. The following are common types of work quality. Crafting single high quality products tends to be expensive and time consuming, and must be sold at much higher, less attractive prices to the average consumer in order to be profitable. Work activity can range from writing someone a parking ticket to chasing a gangbanger down a dark alley and … The quality of work has become a talking point: three quarters of those in a recent UK survey felt improving it should be a national priority. What's more important to you: Quantity or Quality of blog posts? Quality and quantity are two concepts that have great significance in our lives and ultimately decide the course of our lives. Since I like traveling a lot, and most of the time I am walking around the city, I can tell from my own experience that good quality shoes and clothes are going to make a difference. Why would you then throw away the fruits of your excellent work by subjecting the customer to a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation that … Quality Vs Quantity in Marketing. When there is conflict in the workplace, work is less likely to be completed. "Quality" sounds good, sounds great actually but there are plenty of jobs and tasks where quantity is more important than quality. “The quality of your communication equals the quality of your life” – Anthony Robbins. Quality should be the focus, Marti!” Now, I hear you. Share yours for free! Another way to increase the quality and quantity of your work is to Take a Break. People, whether in the corporate world or any other aspect, would argue over which is better: quality or quantity. For example, a certain process can produce 10 units of output per hour. We tend to compare our work to our peers, and since the workplace is a “what have you done for me lately” environment those who seem to be completing projects and work at a rapid pace are … The ultimate goal is to secure as many leads as possible, which is why the priority is to attract a high volume of contacts during a lead generation campaign. Focusing on both the quality and the quantity of employees’ contributions can have profound impacts on your business’s success. Understanding your client, even a juggernaut, is essential to making the quantity model work. Quality vs. Want to learn more about integrated back office management platforms? Coach Level Head breaks it down for him, But your quality scores are below everyone else on your team. ! In the daily struggle to produce and complete the myriad of tasks assigned, all can be guilty of ignoring Quality for the sake of Quantity. This is generally expressed in the fact that as the level of organisation of matter rises the rate of its development accelerates. A new, better adapted animal species yields a progeny whose greater power of survival guarantees wider … This isn’t an easy model to work in and it’s one that lends itself to burnout fast. Every level of organisation of matter has its specific laws of quantity. Remember, a break doesn’t mean staying at your desk surfing the internet. There are times, however, when we feel we aren’t paid according to how effectively and efficiently we work.