2. persistence in the body of material normally excreted, such as from the bowel or bladder. She also gained her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2003 from the University of Waterloo, where she cultivated her ability to analyze and manage situations logically, using theoretical knowledge as a base. Here are some helpful tips from DA expert Kevin Henry, and front office expert Laura Hatch. Now is the time to evaluate your dental marketing plan and figure out the necessary changes. Being so rigid that people are left standing outside two minutes before the practice opens makes patients feel as if staff are more concerned about their timecards than they are about the patients coming in for care. Patient Retention in Dentistry. Here I’ll share six top patient retention strategies. HIPAA is extra important today. Her friendly manner along with her ability to create a solid project plan and adapt as required assists her as she works with our coaches to support our client needs. Patient retention is an ongoing process that never ends and nearly always has room for improvement. Use the patient’s name during your hand-off to other staff, and always reiterate the patient’s needs or upcoming appointment protocol with the next staff member in front of the patient, even if the patient is aware of what that plan is. Although digital and modern dentistry with new technique and advance treatment[1,2,3,4,5] is developing faster, there is always a scope of RPD in dentistry. Her ability to improvise, experiment and initiate innovation and her ability to relate to others, help to improve and develop user-friendly strategies to simplify technology. Did Mrs. Smith talk about her son’s upcoming wedding? A lot of patients slip through the cracks when messages aren’t correctly relayed from the back-office staff to the front office team. As a registered Level II dental assistant – office manager – dental educator – and graduate of Mount Royal University’s Certificate in Adult Education – Kathy has developed a broad scope of skills that she shares with dental teams whose goal is to enhance the work environment and achieve both clinical and personal excellence. Melanie is known for her ability to listen on multiple levels, helping her to clearly understand complex priorities, identify key strengths and crucial gaps. In fact, patient retention requires strategized methods and an action plan. Life is good. Allowing retention to happen on its own or by accident will allow patients to slip through the cracks and seek their dental care elsewhere. Lori appreciates that although we do not always have the power to change what happens to us, we do have the power to control our attitude towards them. President of Transitions Group North America. Everything Lori does, whether personally or professionally, is seen out from start to finish. You and your staff will learn proven techniques to ensure your patients are consistently coming back for their hygiene schedules. retention [re-ten´shun] 1. the process of holding back or keeping in a position. She is results driven, has high expectations and brings tremendous optimism and energy to her work. Patient Retention in Dentistry . Coordinator and Office Manager before joining a dental consulting company. There are properties of amalgam that are crucial when we consider the cavity design, some of these are listed below: 1. To ensure dental patient understanding, say it. Each month you will receive practice management tips, white papers, or handouts you can use in your practice right away. In the course of that transaction, he became dissatisfied with the financial advice he was receiving. I actively pursue my continuing dental education with a primary focus on comprehensive reconstructive and rehabilitation dentistry. Irrespective of the underlying reasons for the patient’s dissatisfaction with the prosthesis, dentist must realize that a patient’s judgement of the treatment outcome is what defines prosthodontic success Though complete denture retention is a complex phenomenon, it is every patient’s invariable need that the prosthesis … The research shows that 50% of all searches will be … She is an upbeat coach and dynamic facilitator who ignites excitement about team growth and development. with several dental supply companies and implant companies over the last 17 years as a What can she do? When it comes to growing dental clinics, new patient acquisition is often what comes to mind but improving patient retention rates is just as important and crucial to the success of any dental clinic. Adhering to her strong belief in creating work life balance through healthy boundaries and resourceful solutions, Kathy‘s down time includes spending time with family (3 teenagers) and friends (too many to count), snowboarding, and lake side enjoyment. His experience covers being involved in building hundreds of clinics. With enthusiasm, she focuses on the lighter side of life and encourages others to do the same. Indra’s extensive and diverse background has allowed her to gain a complete and thorough Contact our team in Burlington, Ontario. Melanie is a committed Leader, Registered Dental Hygienist and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. At the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM), we teach members to focus on retention. Aside from North American venues, she has conducted extensive worldwide training in countries of Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe including Russia. Fixed bridge: A dental prosthesis that is definitively attached to natural teeth and replaces missing teeth.. Abutment: The tooth that supports and retains a dental prosthesis.. Pontic: The artificial tooth that replaces a missing natural tooth.. It very quickly became her passion and she is extremely fortunate to have achieved her ultimate career objective of becoming a Dental Professional Coach with TGNA. Additionally, I authored two online in-office training programs on case acceptance; Case Acceptance Skills for New Dentists and Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!”.