Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the song "Hakuna Matata", the duo have Simba eat bugs, explore his new home, and live without worry. Anga helps rescue the royal family from a fire at Pride Rock. At the same time, Simba hears Mufasa calling to him from the sky, and Simba looks up to see him again. Simba then nuzzles his daughter as they reconcile. In the bloopers, Simba appears five times. By Matthew Wilkinson Aug 05, 2020. As he reaches the top, he sees his father plummet into the stampede below, not knowing that he'd been thrown by Scar. As noted by Nala he can also be very obstinate. This inspires the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar. When they approach the Outsiders, Simba gives Zira a final chance to go home. Although Kion questions whether or not Scar can be defeated, Simba assures him that once Scar's army is dead, he will be powerless and unable to threaten the Pride Lands. The two explain what had happened in Kion's absence, including their battle with the Outsiders, with Simba concluding that Kiara and Kovu will be his successors to Pride Rock. He and Nala invite Hadithi to a Royal Mud Print Ceremony, in which he will preserve his talon marks in the mud forever alongside those of other heroes. He looks at Nala, who is peacefully sleeping, then goes back to sleep, still uneasy but more relaxed. The Junior Night Pride is the animated television series and a spin-off sequel of The Lion Guard. Simba soon emerges from a clump of rocks. Though Simba is horrified at this turn of events, the elephants begin to laugh, and Aminifu's daughter, Ma Tembo, explains that her father always used to have poop on him and that it was often the cause of much laughter. His mane grows longer, reaching the middle of his chest, where it darkens to a more auburn color. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 1: Bunga and the King - When Bunga and Simba are trapped underground together, they discover a shared family background - both were raised by Timon and Pumbaa. Simba sings "We Are One", during which he stresses the importance of forgiveness and equality. The Lion King Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mufasa is Simba's father, as well as the king of the Pride Lands. Simba in The Lion King: Bloopers & Outtakes. In the episode "Timon and Pumbaa," he complains about Timon and Pumbaa's popularity, saying, "Those guys always get all the attention!" Following the success of the film, Julie Taymor created a musical version of The Lion King. Enraged, Simba yells at her and then marches away in a huff. He reminds Simba that whenever he feels alone, the stars will always be there to guide him, as will Mufasa. Simba and Kion then sing "Path of Honor", during which they discuss the joys and burdens of being leaders. No sooner has he revealed this when Ono spots Makuu en route to the Summit. At Mizimu Grove, Rafiki and Simba announce Makini's mpando mpaya. Simba can first be seen teaching his daughter Kiara about life as a future monarch atop Pride Rock. Waiting for him to die, vultures circle overhead, but a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa scare away the vultures and save the unconscious cub. Kion orders his team to chase down the elephants before they can hurt anyone, and the Lion Guard takes off to halt the stampede. Figure out something so great and so awesome that you would never get lost and bored. Shortly after, the rest of the Lion Guard arrive to assist him. However, this changes when he grows into a young adult, with his childhood friend Nala reminding him of his responsibilities back home. Before the two can depart, the king catches wind of Outsiders invading his kingdom and so must cut the walk short in order to dispose of the problem. They manage to return in time to see Simba weak but alive, much to the relief of everyone. When he runs into Timon and Pumbaa, the three friends plan to leave the arena for the nice vacation in Rome, only to be stopped by Colosseum Quintius, who tries to force Simba to eat Timon and Pumbaa, otherwise he will have to fight Claudius. Simba, Nala, and the new couple make their way to the top of Pride Rock and roar over their kingdom, with the rest of the pride roaring back in reply. Timon denies it and Simba says "You wouldn't be lying to a lion now", which makes himself and Pumbaa laugh, and Timon says "Carnivores, oy.". As a cub he resemblances his son Kion except without a red tuft of hair on his head. In the Kingdom Hearts franchise, he was voiced by James Horan, who also played Skull Face in Metal Gear Solid V. 4. Synopsis: Kion, the son of Simba, leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands. Having gotten captured by Romans, Simba is imprisoned in a den at the Colosseum. Frightened by Scar's unexpected appearance, the remaining Pride Landers flee Mizimu Grove. [3], Simba takes his place as king of the Pride Lands after defeating his uncle Scar, Simba tells Kion to assemble the new Lion Guard, Simba explains that he understands the Pride Landers traditions. An angry Sarabi soon appears to get back her son. After many months of battling the spirit of Scar and his army, Simba approaches Kion and his Lion Guard, who are now adolescents. At the beginning of the film, a newborn Simba lies curled in his mother's paws. Kion, the son of Simba, leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands. Beshte does as Simba commands, but accidentally slips on the rocks and falls into the mud, carrying Bunga, Fuli, and Ono with him. Simba as a cub, with dark ear rims and a head tuft. Growing up in the jungle, Simba learns to be carefree and forget about his past and responsibilities with Hakuna Matata. Believing that Kiara is in danger, Simba defends her from Kovu. During levels Simba can collect pawprint-shaped tokens which add to the overall score. Simba knows that it could possibly lead to some underground caverns, thus providing a way out. The herds follow Kion to Mizimu Grove, where Makini's baobab tree seed has survived the fire. As Timon and Pumbaa are cornered by the wild dog, Simba comes to their rescue. Ironically, while his experience with Scar makes him distrustful of those who supported his late uncle, Simba is shown to have mellowed in regard to the hyenas. Pulled back into the herd, Mufasa fights until he can throw himself onto a ledge, where he clings for dear life. Home As Simba looks down proudly at the rejoicing animals who have gathered around Pride Rock, the sky opens up and Simba hears his father say, "Well done, my son. Nala urges Simba to return to the Pride Lands, but he stubbornly refuses. He later attempts three times to say the phrase "Hakuna Matata" while walking across a fallen tree, but he fails, and he and the crew laugh. The game is a side-scrolling platform game, with the controlled character (Simba) having to leap, climb, run and descend from platform to platform. With Nala and the other lionesses watching, Scar corners Simba on the edge of Pride Rock, mocking him that his father isn't alive to save him. On the walls of the cave are paintings of previous Lion Guards, including an image of Kion leading his Lion Guard. As a teenager, Simba gets bigger and starts to grow a red mane on his head. He asks whether they had found Udugu, and the cubs explain that they had learned to work together as brother and sister. At Pride Rock, Rafiki tasks Makini with finding Kongwe, who is the oldest and wisest animal in the Pride Lands. Realizing that Mufasa is neither moving nor breathing, he calls for help but starts to cry and crawls underneath his father's forepaw when he realizes that there is no hope. He is upset when Timon's comments mock the Great Kings of the Past. When she asks who he is, Simba tells her his name, and the lioness is surprised to recognize her childhood friend. . Simba, as a very young cub, makes a brief cameo in the episode "Safety Smart: Goes Green," in which Timon misunderstands a CFL light bulb as a "cute, fluffy lion." One time, when Kiara goes off to play, he warns her to stay away from the Outlands and to stay on the path that he has marked for her. When Sora returns, Simba has been driven into doubt by rumors of Scar's ghost. In the wake of Scar's death, Simba exiled those who were still loyal to Scar to the Outlands, where they fostered a grudge against the Pride Landers and the royal family. Kiara tries to persuade Simba to listen to Kovu, but he tells her to be silent and then exiles Kovu, to Kiara's dismay. "That 'hairball' is my son, and your future king." He is the King of the Pride Lands, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the adoptive son of Azima and Jahi, the adopted brother of Jike, Uma, and Maisha, the mate of Nala, and the father of Kiara, Kion, and Nguruma. The two lions fight ferociously until Scar delivers a hard smack that knocks Simba to the ground. When Makuu wins, Simba steps forward and congratulates him, before thanking Pua for his services as leader of the crocodiles. The entire pride mourns the death of their family member. Kion mentions Simba when he tells Anga about Zira. Simba rallies his pride against Scar and the hyenas. Rafiki then whacks him on the head with his stick, causing Simba some pain, and teaches him the lesson that even though things are in the past, they can still hurt, but one should learn from them. They run immediately to Simba and force him into combat against the beast, but Simba quickly learns that Bartholomew is a friend. His nose is bright pink, and he has thin black eyebrows. In his later adult years, Simba grows larger in size and build, and gains more rounded features. https://lionguard.fandom.com/wiki/Simba?oldid=371142. Simba apologies to Ma Tembo and her herd for missing the concert and to make up for it, sings Hakuna Matata with his family, Bunga, the Lion Guard and Timon and Pumbaa. Together, the Lion Guard leads Hafifu and Majinuni to Pride Rock, where Kion relates the situation to his father, Simba. After a bitter battle, Zira jumps down off her rock, ready to attack Simba herself. Rolling can also be used to access hidden areas and dodge attacks. Simba also appears amidst the crowd of animals following Ma Tembo as she searches for a water source. Ono is called forward to help spy out a new water hole for the crocodiles, but while overlooking the Pride Lands, he sees that Makuu's followers have invaded the water holes. However, they are interrupted by Kion and his best friend Bunga, who are eventually sent away to play elsewhere by Simba. Nala assures him that Kiara will be fine and goes back into the cave, with Simba watching with an unsure expression. Despite her desperation, he refuses. When his father dies, Simba suffers severe emotional trauma, thinking the death to be his fault. Later, Simba appears at Makini's painting ceremony and explains to the gathered Pride Landers of the task of the Royal Mjuzi to paint the history of the Pride Lands. As a cub, Simba is one of the many Disney animated characters to be kidnapped by the evil witch Mizrabel. He makes cameos in It's a Small World, Fantasmic! Zira moves off to speak privately to Kion, but Kion disagrees with her assertion that lions should rule over all animals. Simba encounters the ghost of his father, Mufasa. Nala is hesitant but agrees nonetheless. During an elephantese lesson, Simba loses his patience and roars at Zazu, blowing him into a patch of grass. Simba is mentioned by Beshte when he explains to Hodari that Kiburi and his followers were banished from the Pride Lands for trying to take him down. In answer, Mufasa accuses his son of forgetting him, to which Simba denies him and asks how he possibly could. Still young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, his curiousity got the better of him, leading him to go to explore the Elephant Graveyard and consider the consequences only after the fact, nearly getting himself and his friend Nala killed as a result. The cub glorifies Mufasa, wanting to be just like him when he grows up, and suffers much grief whenever he disappoints him. When Kion goes into the Outlands to help Jasiri reason with the Outsiders, he encounters Nuka and Kovu, the sons of Zira. In this way, Simba shows that he does not fully respect his cubs, seeing himself as older and wiser. He then tasks Kion with watching over the event. Simba tells Nala to go on ahead to the concert with Kiara, knowing that Kion will save him soon. This leads the Lion Guard to inquire about Zazu's whereabouts. Simba, a young adult, is noted to look almost identical to his father, Mufasa. This makes Simba playfully smile and nudge her. He cries out and races down to the bottom of the Gorge to find his father's body under the branch that he had been clinging to. Simba gets the Guard's attention and tells them that he has been ordering them around all day when he should have figured out how their team works. However, during the ceremony, Hadithi admits that he had abandoned Ono to danger, and the Lion Guard races to the rescue. Lion Later, Ono laments having caused Makuu's float to awaken early. Just then, Makuu reveals himself and announces to the gathered animals that he had come to the Summit with the intention of helping his float and the Pride Lands, but had only received distrust and hostility. Both defeat their uncles in a final battle, though Hamlet dies while Simba becomes king. Before the log can reach the bottom of the slope, Beshte leaps forward and stops it from crushing the eggs, but Ono warns that the eggs will now be caught up in the mud. Simba is then attacked by the Outsiders on Zira's orders. As Timon tries to restore Pumbaa's memories after the warthog gets struck by lightning, he brings in Simba, along with Scar, Rafiki, and Piper. His eyes take on a reddish-brown hue, with the same yellow sclerae. While they are walking, Zazu, Mufasa's majordomo, gives the king a morning report. When the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, they report back to Simba at Pride Rock. Sora leaves after the successful coronation of Simba. Hoping that his father isn't dead, he tries to revive him. Simba admits that he has been forbidden to go there, and Scar acts relieved, claiming that only the bravest lions go there. He understands that everyone makes mistakes, and believes that what is done to correct those mistakes is what matters. Simba quickly concludes that the watering hole belongs to Dhahabu. Simba and his son, Kion, sing "Path of Honor", during which they discuss the joys and burdens of being leaders. Alone in a grassy field, he yells to the sky at Mufasa for not being there for him when he'd promised years earlier that he would. Rafiki is doubtful that the paintings of the past will reveal anything to him, though one such painting depicts a king leading the Pride Landers to a mysterious watering hole. Rate. He accepts Kovu and the Outsiders into his pride, and they all return home together. After Simba scampers away, Scar sends Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to kill the cub. Simba quietly apologizes, but Mufasa just says, "Let's go home." with this awesome mix of characters, the pride land fun never ends! Scar instructs Simba to wait for Mufasa in the gorge. That lion later turns out to be Simba. He then leaves to salvage what he can of the Summit at Mizimu Grove. At the same time, Beshte and Bunga work together to free Simba. A shocked Kion wonders if he is ready to lead a migration, but Simba assures him that he will do fine. "Accidentally," Scar lets it slip that there is an elephant graveyard in the shadows, aware that Simba's curiosity will lead him there. In the nightmare, Simba tries to save his father, who is hanging on to a cliff face. Simba and Nala come back to defend Zazu from the hyenas, and Simba tells the hyenas to fight someone their own size. This causes Zira to note the similarities between Kion and his father. Simba and Nala allow the Lion Guard to journey out of the Pride Lands. I decided to make it look like his design from the 1st movie, i think Simba is way too short in TLG. Simba orders the Lion Guard to ask Dhahabu for permission to use her watering hole. Nicknames Simba and his friends return to the famine-ravaged Pride Lands. Through persuasion from Makuu and Kion, Simba listens to Janja's advice to defeat Scar, which involves Kion using his most powerful Roar of the Elders in the volcano to overwhelm Scar's spirit with the flames and destroy him forever. The Lion King was an incredibly successful movie for a reason. While the king and queen look on proudly, Rafiki holds their cub up for all the kingdom to see. As Mzingo flies away, Simba begins to lament having kingly responsibilities, and Zazu reminds him of the perks of the job, singing "Duties of the King". Retaining guilt over the death of his father, Simba refused. Simba suggests that the team ask the aardwolves about the problem. Simba finally accepts Kovu as one of the pride. Simba and the other animals fear Makuu's wrath, but the crocodile merely prompts Simba to let the Summit go on. Kion agrees to go to the Outlands Volcano to fetch volcanic ash to help heal Simba. Simba jumps on her to make her admit that he is the best, but she flips him onto his back, teasing him for getting pinned. When Simba is too busy to take his son Kopa to the top of Pride Rock, Rafiki tells a story about Mufasa and Scar when they were adolescents, convincing Simba that keeping promises is important. Living carefree in the jungle, Simba gets into all kinds of mischief that Mufasa and Sarabi would have never allowed, such as jumping down from dangerously tall trees, swimming down steep and deadly waterfalls backwards, and spinning Timon around like a play toy. As they rejoice, Simba introduces Nala to his new friends, and she tells Simba that he is the rightful king. The plan backfires, however, when Timon encounters Bartholomew while prepping the event and mistakes him for Pumbaa. They witness the concert and praise the elephants after their song, but just then, Simba arrives with the Lion Guard, Pumbaa, and Timon. After Simba scares Timon with a big roar for fun, much to the meerkat's annoyance, Timon and Pumbaa find a skeleton of a carcass lying on the ground. The cubs manage to get away from the hyenas, but Zazu is caught and thrown into a geyser. On the morning patrol, the Lion Guard tries to correct Simba on his route, but he insists that they take his chosen path. As they make their way to Pride Rock, they find their way blocked by hyenas, and Simba instructs Timon and Pumbaa to divert the hyenas so that he and Nala can slip past them.