Remove the laptop’s faceplate and just tinker around with it to see if you can find the issue. In this situation, the repair can be easy, as the cable will simply require reseating. The line is usually a white line. When first powered on, two thin vertical lines appear toward the left of the screen. Messing up the circuit can damage your iPhone beyond repair. Fix Horizontal, Vertical Lines Laptop Screen Pressing on the Screen and then using screw. The iPhone is such a beloved device, that every owner loves it more than any of their gadget. This type of fault can also occur on LCD televisions; however, it tends to be on new units, where the box has received an impact during transit from the factory. Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the proper forum to post about this, but I've recently noticed a blinking white line appearing on the bottom row of pixels of my LCD. What iPhone has the Biggest Screen? Sometimes the fault will manifest as two vertical white lines. Having the same line on the BIOS isolates the issue with the LCD / LCD assemblies /cables as possible point of failure. You need to ensure that the repair worked. No matter what height your iPhone drops, it definitely skips your heartbeat. (see attached picture) It is also possible to have a dislodged cable, which typically occurs on mishandled laptops. If the drop of your iPhone has affected the connection it will lead your iPhone to show white lines across the display. The plastic clip that holds the ribbon cable is very small and delicate and if the laptop receives an impact, the ribbon cable can dislodge. Apply pressure on or relieve pressure from certain points around the screen, especially those above and below the vertical lines to see if you can find the root of the problem. The laptop was just outside the warranty period; however, they still shipped out the cable free of charge. If you have sensitive data on your iPhone, it is about time that you perform a backup. Please suggest any free method to fix it. How to Remove Water in iPhone Speaker if the Sound is Muffled. This separate any relation to Windows and drivers as it shows ok using another display output monitor. Vertical lines running through your computer monitor can be disrupting during use: they can often be removed by properly configuring the computer and making sure the connection doesn't have any problems. Each "pixel" on the screen has an (X,Y) position, and 3 "primary" colours. 1.3. In my experience Dell tend to stand by their customers and products, and their prices for replacement parts are realistic and down to earth. We suggest you do a little research on the location where your iPhone has that connection point. This is to try and fix the issue without having to open the iPhone at all. I'm assuming it's toast but I'm holding on to a sliver of hope that someone knows of a fix. Lines on the digitzer screen are often a sign of a loose connection. It is at just above the bottom of the screen. Begin the repair with focus on the task and avoid any distractions. How to Fix Vertical Lines on the Computer Screen. Sometimes the fault will manifest as two vertical white lines. It is in constant position. to digital information that the phone can understand. When your iPhone drops, it sends a shock to all its internal components. If your iPhone device is dropped on a hard surface by accident, it can also result in the white vertical lines on iPhone. Why is My iPhone Battery Draining so Fast: How to Fix it? If you have lines appearing on the LCD screen, then the first simple thing to check is the seating of the ribbon cable that connects the display panel to the motherboard. I managed to buy a replacement from Dell for a modest price £6.00. 4. It typically fails near the hinge area due to flexing in that region, and over time, some of the tracks on the plastic cable breaks. Black vertical bars blocking the sides of the screen … The process to open up the iPhone requires lots of patience and precaution. This LCD screen is connected to a logic board situated behind it. There are times the entire image below the horizontal white line flickers and move up and down. I'm here to help you solve problems with your iPhones, Macs, and other devices through easy-to-understand articles. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is best to clean the socket and the ribbon cable contacts, which will solve the fault. Hold the front and back of the top part of your iPhone screen. Place one thumb on the left side and place the other one on a little bit of the right side and then press the thumbs of the screen. This LCD screen is connected to a logic board situated behind it. On my Dell Studio 1749 a vertical white line has appeared about 3 inches in from the left hand side. Once you have opened the iPhone, glance through the assembly. Re: Inspiron 5477 AIO, white box around edge of LCD @KennyWiechman , I haven't seen the problem anymore since many months now. My Samsung 82mu8000 just now developed a horizontal white line that spans the entire screen only 1 pixel wide.