Far does not operate. A quality of picture is surprising, and a measure of screen was to perfect A trace of volume to 20 which can be sometime last to listen, but when his plugged in his headphones there were any @subject. Terrible product. Thank you very much! It comes with all some adapters(car and to see just rule) to good sure would recommend! Lucido Service the flawless summer! Light and versatile. If has boys, or any one seating in a backseat in the travesía of street, need these!! It dip it up. Surprising the must has there is lil some in home, my states of edges in that use it this week and we finally installed the yesterday in a car for our travesía, wonderful and some speakers are quite strong, His the good value for a money, recommended . Total waste of money! I can also hear the disc spinning but nothing ever loads. Very impressed like this far. Raisin in meso two hours the day in a vehicle. The diagonal screen length is about 10.2 inches. Very impressed like this far. Has a lot of be happy with him! Set the DVD player on a shelf near the TV. They are very impressed and to good sure would purchase again. Some screens continue to run on can of the battery until a battery is drained unless it is manually has turned is gone in a cup of a master screen. I think a reason partorisca east are likely that they use the 1/8” jack to spend the signal of video. It is not even an end of October! The portability is awesome and love a far. All the world would owe that have one of these! It was perfect for this house of long walks for vacacionales, maintain has occupied. A quality of a picture/of screens is utmost. An only thing are wishes a battery is lasted longer. Still for a far characteristic; it have to that be right against a ceiling of a vehicle and angled down or a player does not choose it up. It is really disappointing when @@subject of the quality like this spends and there is no recourse. There is video of FREE DVD in our library as they are adds that we can take loaned Dvd and the clock was. Has two toddlers in of the car chairs. Shipping the packaging was excellent and has arrived punctually! Harm. (To the equal that for a little seal has taken with a player of DVD, would like me have a strap has sent to do the description). We buy in July 2019, and is Seven 2019 and a cord and outlet partorisca touch a device is broken. It would advise to go with another option! To good sure comes with us on travesías or long time attack expected elsewhere. Pair Against, has gone back his TVs the Amazon and lucido the repayment was simple and fast. Used once in the travesía big, 5hours a way, and our 5yrs has had the explosion that looks his films. Check Price For WONNIE 9.5 inch Portable DVD Player On Amazon. Some 2 options of screen he really the fact to touch too especially when my boy has the playmate in a vehicle. Hello there, Welcome to WONNIE’s Facebook Homepage.There will be many giveaways and discounted products on our Facebook page in the future.There will also be many interesting and funny activities to come on our Facebook page. Ossia A lot populate with my boy of 4 years especially when we are external and precise something to entertain him with. To our travelling life with the toddler much easier ! I will be to contact undertaken to discover . 10.5 Dual Screen DVD Player-- WONNIE 2020 New generation 10.5 inch Dual Players with HD 1024*800, two monitors support playing a same movie via simply AV and DC cable connecting. The product adds ! It is the very disappointing product . In the unit adds for prize and peace to import that has the subject was solved. Also never hot some digital films to do on that. A far is not a better how is hard to know the one who the keys are so that functions. The Wonnie 17.9” Portable DVD/CD player is powered by a 5000 mAH lithium battery, thus allowing you to watch movies and TVs for up to 6 hours when fully charged. To good sure that recommends this company the familiar and partner, These have done utmost for the minute but now his both have questions reading dvdes and a window of turn is closed. It can not imagine a travesía without them. Brand. The top 10 list of the best DVD players lists various manufacturers and prices. You do not buy never one again. An element was exactly like this described, shipping and the delivery was at the head of a date has mentioned. Update - continuous do included with an upper flopping around but now another unit (1.5 years) has release it touching spent-in. Buys this for the travesía long with our grandchildren. It is entirely unusable now. Of then we were in traffic and in a half of the movement of country of enormous cross, that ensures that we return an element inside the 30 timeframe of day of the amazon, any included arrive our to having had like this quickly shoved one craps DVD PLAYER in a trunk and elected on an alternative device of Better Buy in a traffic. Shop WONNIE 2020 Upgrade 11.5" Portable DVD Player with 9.5 inches 270° Swivel Screen, Best Gift for Kids, Support USB/SD Slot, Direct Play in Formats AVI/MP3/JPEG/RMVB (11.5, Black). I am returned a product for repayment. This in spite of, as we dipped it among our travesía, quickly discover that an element would not connect properly to one uploads resupplied car. A cord to be able to does not remain plugged to a car. The quality of picture is excellent and resists one uploads a lot well. We have then tried to connect he with some alternative options resupplied to any use; a product was the defective piece of junk. To good sure recommend. And for some first time are been born of then has seated quietly for 45 minutes that look these while it have been in the travesía of short street. During Travesía along, to have 2 screens is perfect game his 2 girls have seated behind. Half way by means of a program a screen has been spatial while a DVD has continued to touch and a sound or the dialogue still am gone in. The instructions and all some accessories have been comprised. With this dual portable DVD player, you can still play one movie simultaneously across the two screens, or you can play two completely different ones. We move and has has wanted to something this Amazon had agreed like the product of quality and had expected any question. Quality of amazing picture. They are SÚPER has impressed this in spite of. It comes with all some adapters(car and to see just rule) to good sure would recommend! A lot a lot looking, the good screens, the screens the big plus that DVD players more portable I volume seen , good and good picture! A fact that the headphones come with east the prize . It connects very easy my TV. While a quality of picture is to order havent there was has included 4 months still, and one of his thick freezings, another now not even uploads, which am guessing is reason one covers is such poor quality . produced Adds. As these to good sure have the limited lifespan. Once they are them out of the hospital will be to give the to my edges and is excited like this to use! A measure of a screen is the perfect measure and leaves some boys (or adults) in some rear chairs partorisca see a picture that touches well. They are really happy with this together of player of the DVD. It was well to have the function to use or any to the use can of battery. We have used he partorisca a trip and a rest of a time has had he in a house partorisca listen to books of audio partorisca my boys and one upload no longer connects properly and will not take the load unless I corner he and prop something under a boss for maintains it has connected. Perhaps was so only the defective unit but when I plugged in a player partorisca touch he partorisca a first time, with which awhile the smell headed to because of a heat that is exited a battery and he have taken like this hot that anything has resisted a mini usb port to upload to an interior of a player had melted and is is exited stuck to a usb boss of load. Good product, my grandson so only will love it, very characteristic and extra, well value of the money. Now the person bores chair in a backside of a car. Very happy with a compraventa. Another positive thing with this player is that I also can use my bar of power to touch he by means of a micro usb port, same way to the equal that touches my telephone. It is higher than other models and brands. Loves this dvd player as it can look them film,game cd music, and books of audio,,the more buy ive fact,,thank you and a service was to add, does not do to leave more, he arêtte in full millieu of the film , éteit easily when umpeu estaca (lucido on/of of the one of the sud lucido sought-after),lucido the volume is not true any quite strong,would want to do me rembourssée. And an advance facing boys in the car chairs and this have done utmost for knots. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. It's currently $39.98, which is an incredible price on such a good, reliable DVD player. They are a lot disappointed and will continue the tent elsewhere where service of the client in fact has to that bad. has purchased this player of PORTABLE DVD for my edges for Christmass. They are really happy with this together of player of, These produced is awesome! of young boy One uploads Never really returned properly, and result to lose almost immediately. It dip it up. This WONNIE DVD player is ideal for family’s, especially those that have kids of different ages who might no longer enjoy the same movies and programs. I have tried to dip in a paper but any picture. This returns my dvd, would want to have one, the more protect it! Easy to dip up. Wow This product was perfect so that it has required. Action Camera. I unplug A usb this in spite of pode does not take to do. It is very durable and easy to use. We have had also A Personal turn of the service after coming you of the company touches excusarse and of us dédommager. A main unit is in pair for the player of DVD, but a screen of slave is atrocious! Ordered a blanket just under $100 with delivery charges and they delivered to an apartment complex without a signature or to head office. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Another that these technical subjects. The WONNIE dual DVD player has a huge 10.5-inch screen and can share the same signal for playing films simultaneously. It is a lot happy. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. They loved it so to the equal that have done. You recommend to any. I have tried diverse things to take a picture behind, comprising dipping another disk in this I previously had looked but any picture - touch so only. I ordered it one take it and has been rid a next morning. The quality and the ease of use is well. The exposure is clear. Now that is been the year with the few films here and there a darn the thing in bylines down half of a film and pode does not take to start with behind up. Any roughly the-cheapo artilugio but really durable. Email: [email protected] Mon – Sat: 9AM-5PM EST Address: 1525 SW Marlow Ave Portland, Oregon 97225 Few weeks later, I swiveled a screen and he have broken. OF THE THAT Spent these. I am pleased like this with this compraventa and would buy it like this of the presents for another. Wireless. The just desire avenges with the chance to spend. Has has not used NEVER a earphones another those some premiers 10 minutes was out of a box because a connection has maintained to cut was. A secondary screen can be trace to a chair of our backside that faces boy or our old more these chairs in a rear row neither can resist or trace to a chair in front of him. Very happy with this compraventa. Amur a big screen, easy the setup, life of battery quite good. You can use the DVD or have the film saved in a SD paper. Some screens come with headlines of rest of the boss that is easy to attach and stay on amiably. A second a last perhaps 2 first month of a screen has begun the flop around a mechanism that maintained it integer of working decree. The quality of picture is really clear also. My one complaint is that the sensor for the remote control is in the lower right corner of the base. Find the portable media user manual you need at ManualsOnline. , Absolutely loved with this combo! It averts of that, in this prize signals that a player is almost perfect so that I need. I would not suggest using this company for any items. This can be infuriating because you can see that there is a disc, however, the CD / DVD player cannot. A screen is good and big battery , good easy life to use. With these screens can touch a show of same/film but each girl (has 2 lol) takes his own screen. I had it it has bought it previously the laptop sylvania dvd player of walmart and could a lot of anything with him. 💕 2 X DVD Players -- WONNIE 2020 New generation 10.5 inch Dual Player with HD 1024*800, support two different DVDs playing simultaneously or sync screen playing via simply AV connecting, press SOURCE on slave player and choose AV IN.Two quality speakers will always provide clear stereo sound for you It avenges with the headset, stock exchange, adapter for a car and usb. A service of business client is quickly to answer and to fix any subjects have. Lucidos I edges is convenient and the image is of the good quality touches this type of monitor. Every time the tray closes, the laser beam fires two long bursts of laser light, and the focusing platform moves up and down attempting to focus the beam. Wow .... A picture is very clear and a swivel the screen is gone in already handy !!! I have loved this product so much. Love that they come with headphones and remote for the car. Basic troubleshooting DVD Player techniques. This is the time when it is looking for a disc. They were utmost! A lot inconvenient and would return if I have not been spent a 30 amazon of limits of day of turn. It is returned to the cost is a so it can use the usb to the game has downloaded films he so that has so many formed. The boys love it! The woman is using he in hospital, in planting to pay for the estimativa for hire of TV of the salvation. Now the person bores chair in a backside of a car. It has not discovered the one who the types of video are compatible to use with the clave of USB, have almost has tried all can think of without regime. It was the little concerned reason the leading descriptions have said theyhad question with a volume but a volume is very strong and really taste that avenges with of the his together typical of headphones and the stock exchange for the spend everything in. I opened it up and you try it it go. It will be perfect for this house of long walks for vacacionales, maintain has occupied. It will lessen the need for other devices, and your DVD player can act as a one-stop shop for media content. Also we maintain a plastic of screen on reason are small boys . To good sure values he, and service of the client personally answers to any questions. In this base has bought the second unit for my daughter. The prize adds also :) Any sure on life of battery as I did not use it long quite still. Ossia The player of DVD adds for my boys in a car. This was quite frustrating he so that it was in the plan and could not listen a film looked with ear buds has had with me. This little beauty all I need. Exactly that there is wanted. My wonnie portable DVD player has never worked unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to return it and now I’m stuck with it. I have bought he for purpose of the studio and he is perfect. We take it to us both in a car, and in holidays to the equal that has his favourite films to look in a plan. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Review10Best looks at the best DVD players in the UK and selects the one by MAJORITY as the best DVD player.In a DVD player buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different DVD players and see a recommendation on which DVD player to … Still it likes but it finds of these subjects partorisca annoy. Easy to use, his and utmost picture. To have all that the be be comprise for a prize was fantastic. Quickly shipping too much!! The cords were long enough to sustain concealed. Installs- beautiful easy. Has taken for my edges and loves it! We so only use partorisca a van when prpers have been in travesías of the long street and he have prisoner partorisca do after 3 travesías! It is like this portable and was impressed sincerely with a quality of him. WONNIE 15.6" Large Portable DVD/CD Player with HD 1366x768 LCD TFT 270° Swivel Screen, Games/USB/SD Card Readers and Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Great Gift for Kids (Black) WONNIE 8.3 Score My edges have taken this like the present navideño. Quality of amazing picture. 20+ hours this in spite of that goes strong. I, wonnie !function(c,h,i,m,p){m=c.createElement(h),p=c.getElementsByTagName(h)[0],m.async=1,m.src=i,p.parentNode.insertBefore(m,p)}(document,"script","https://chimpstatic.com/mcjs-connected/js/users/432980d000ba96bb71c4c5b2f/6137aa1ede9ac2cc0a4b1c15b.js"), Yongli Industrial Center,gushu,xixiang Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China, Headrest Portable DVD Player for Car 7.5 inch 1080P Dual Screen DVD Player Built, Video Projector, WONNIE Home Theater LED 1800 Lumens HD 1080P Office Document De, WONNIE Hair Removal Electric Hot Wax Warmer Waxing Kit Wax Melts Machine With 3, WONNIE 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Built-in 60 Kinds of Games ,USB / SD Slot an, Action Camera 4K WONNIE Wifi Sport Camera 1080P 16 MP HD Waterproof 170 Degree W, 15.6 Inch Portable DVD Player for Car with Games Function for Kids, USB / SD Slo. Has FULL remorse! Haha. With which have been transferred to a Supervisor (can not pronounce his name, touched like 'Jezzica', she coldly repeated exactly the one who a representative said but was earthy and in that cut was me during a conversation (like a prime minister that represents of the client there has not been state). It joins time to the sud his legs of boy of month, this has done. The ones of has preferred that a dvd the players could be be separate so that 2 different films could be touched a same time. A reason are by train of the give to 1 star is reason was to add and has done well until takes to do interior 6 month. I owe that say that a service of client was excellent, any complaint. The 2700mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is built into the dual DVD player can last for up to 4 hours on a full charge.