Twilight_Zephyr Font, Download Twilight_Zephyr .ttf truetype or .zip Free Free Windows Fonts for Donwload The title font used on the books is Zephyr by Gabor Kothay. Reply. Twilight-Zephyr Font Twilight-Zephyr Font 8. SMlLE Hobbyist Digital Artist. Basic font information. Pages. This one available for download looks like the zephyr font.... which isn't free :s. Reply. Jun 13, 2009. Character map. Download @font-face. I am a HUGE fan of twilight and i was wondering if anyone knew how to find the Zephyr twilight font for free? Download the Zephyr Script font by Casady & Greene. Twilight_Free_Font_by_sheslikeadream.ttf . thanx so much please no spam x In the new copies of Twilight (the ones released around the film) I *think* they used a different font for the italic words. Big thnx ^___^ Reply. Please use the pulldown menu to view different character maps contained in this font. Twilight of the Zephyr Saturday, January 03rd, 2009 | 0 comments The Twilight Saga is the wildly popular book series by Stephenie Meyer that is now a major motion picture. Oct 13, 2012 - Other Links: -Twilight Brushes -Twilight Brushes 2 -Fonts Used In Twilight -Fonts Used In Twlight 2 -Texture Pack -Flipping Brushes Tutorial -New Moon M... Twilight-Zephyr Font People have been asking: "What the font is on the book covers: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?" Fancy Curly Movies. Alicia Wonderland Font Alicia Wonderland Font 11. Free Twilight Font for Download Free Twilight Font for Download 7. Sign up Log in. i've tried to find the Zephyr Font, because i'm addicted to twilight ^^' i would be happy with a … KG A Thousand Years Font KG A Thousand Years Font 9. I have already found the character fonts on but have not been able to find the font found on the front cover of the books called Zephyr! Jun 10, 2009. mitchfromoz. ... Hmm. (I think it's the same one they use on the cover.) May 13, 2009. The best website for free high-quality Zephyr fonts, with 11 free Zephyr fonts for immediate download, and 19 professional Zephyr fonts for the best price on the Web. The Zephyr Script font has been downloaded 58,943 times. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I thought the font used for the Twilight cover was called Zephyr. Tags. Twilight saga font (NEW MOON): directly from the Best Seller of Stephenie Meyer, the dark gothic atmospheres beloveds to the cult of the "vampiro", in an unknown garment that gives the young romantic love in the name of Bella and Edward, in the forbidden Love beloveds to the gotten passionate girls-readers more. Twilight Font 4. Twilight Ozone Twilight Ozone 10. Is this one you actually made, because Zephyr is not a free font. Twilight Saga Fonts; All About Team Jacob; All About Team Edward; Blog; Fonts used in the real books . Jacob Black's font: Billy Black's font: Edward Cullen's font: ... zephyr.ttf: File Size: 16 kb: File Type: ttf: Download File. TWEEKD Font TWEEKD Font 6. ... Twilight-Zephyr Font by runswithvamps on DeviantArt. A E I O U Font A E I O U Font 5. fonts Free Fonts search and download.