Welcome To Barres + Wheels!

Good News! 


Barres and Wheels account migration is now complete and all accounts have been transferred over to the Barres and Wheels booking system! We have added memberships / remaining classes as it was and your login details should be the exact same as it used to be. You may now book your classes using the Barres and Wheels’ website or app. Please note that you will no longer be able to book using the Inside Out website and app.


We made every effort to ensure your membership/remaining class packs were transferred fully as well as any upcoming class reservation; however if you notice anything out of the ordinary please let us know, and we will fix it promptly!


We want to welcome you once again to the Barres + Wheels community, we know there has been a lot of sudden changes at your favourite studio lately, and we thank you for welcoming these changes with a positive outlook and an open mind. Our goal is to offer all of our members a space where they can achieve their fitness goals! With a program that combines thoughtful and safe precision training exercises, Barres + Wheels pushes you a little harder each time.  

All the best,

Marie and the entire B+W crew